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What Happens When You Walk Off Your Map.

Allison Bown

What is the first sign that you’ve “walked off your map” in life? You want a map. The basic idea seems so appealing: “Walk off your map.” In other words, follow God into uncharted territory. It sounds fabulous, full of adventurous possibilities… until it actually happens and you’re surrounded by…

Every Problem Has a Provision Attached to it.

Graham Cooke

It is impossible to grow in faith unless we have something to overcome. Life is really about how we meet problems, difficulties and adversity. It’s in this process that we learn how to rise up and surmount these obstacles. An authentic life in the spirit requires both training and proving.…

Love is Never Not An Option For God.

Graham Cooke

It’s impossible for the Father to see us disconnected from His love; it’s not in His nature nor ability to do so because He is unchanging. In fact, He is not even available for change, so we don’t even need to think about it happening. We just get to focus…