Dinner Party

What Thanksgiving Unlocks.

Allison Bown

We walk up the pathway and knock on the door of friends or family. And there’s that moment when it opens and we’re surrounded by people who are really glad to see us. There’s laughter and food and joy—conversations filled with delight. Isn’t that what all of us desire in…

Why Worship is Better than Ministry.

Graham Cooke

What if worship is more than the warm up for teaching on a Sunday morning? What does worship outside the four walls of church look like? And why is it so important to God? God is not fixated on worship because He needs it. He’s not an egomaniac, speaking in…

Stand in Jesus, Not Your State in Life.

Graham Cooke

Who are we really, in our placement in Jesus and what are we portraying to the world around us? We have learned to view ourselves in our current state rather than our standing in Jesus, focusing on current circumstances, problems, and even trials. Yet God intends for us to view…