Leaders That Live Renewed.

Graham Cooke

Great leaders are relentlessly good news – and all of us are meant to be good news somewhere. We all have a place where we can lead the way to a fresh perspective of God’s goodness, majesty and possibilities. It’s something the world most certainly needs. As we lead the…

Walking with Big Jesus.

Graham Cooke

God is enlarging our perspective in terms of what we see in Him for us, because we are learning to walk with big Jesus. In this process, we want to constantly be asking the Lord: “What do you see in me and what is it you want to be for…

Are You Ready for the Next BRILLIANT Event?

Beth from Brilliant Book House

We are just one month away from our Expectation event in Anaheim, CA, and we couldn’t be more excited! Tickets are all sold out but you can still sign up to live stream here. No matter where you are in the world, we would love for you to be able…