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Brilliant Thoughts For A Better Life With God

Make An Impact By Sharing Your Story & Journey.

By Graham Cooke

(This video is an invitation to join the brand new Brilliant Community Page. Press play to learn more!) Sharing our story and journey is one of the most effective ways…

Why We Must Always Begin with The Goodness of God.

By Graham Cooke

 (This is episode one of the new devotional mentoring series, What The Cross Means For You & Me, available on Brilliant TV.  Press play to enjoy!) There is freedom…

Why The Church Exists.

By Graham Cooke

[Listen here on iTunes] When God hears the world, He hears something different than we do. He listens to the longings, hunger, and cries in people’s hearts. Yet, do we…

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God Is The Kindest Person I’ve Ever Met

I like to say God is the kindest person I know. I think His kindness is a real part of His delight and His passion.…

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Resting in His Promises

In 2016 I went through chemotherapy for the second time in twelve years. The first time, I was in a lot of fear. Needless to…

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