You Have No Chance of Being Ordinary Ever Again.

Graham Cooke

We are moving into a new place of favor where we inhabit His word in a dramatic new lifestyle that is a major upgrade from our old one. Everything about Jesus is dramatic. Because the Kingdom showed up everywhere He went, drama happened all around Him. Now, we are part…

The Brilliant Art of Practicing Goodness.

Beth from Brilliant Book House

Word puzzles, DIY around the house, arts and crafts… – the majority of people like to take on projects in which they are solving a problem and making an improvement. Not only can it make your life better, prettier or easier, but it fills you with the satisfaction of a…

Leaders That Live Renewed.

Graham Cooke

Great leaders are relentlessly good news – and all of us are meant to be good news somewhere. We all have a place where we can lead the way to a fresh perspective of God’s goodness, majesty and possibilities. It’s something the world most certainly needs. As we lead the…