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Dinner Party

How to Experience the Keeping Power of God.

Graham Cooke

One person with God is always in the majority. This statement is foreign to our democratically-tuned minds, but it is true. One person with God, has all of the power and authority. When things are tough, who would you rather be in friendship with; a thousand people who can’t defeat…

What Gifts are You Expecting?

Graham Cooke

Are you expecting the same gifts that God is freely giving? And are you expecting them to be as big and glorious as He’s created them to be? These are good questions to be asking if we want our confident expectation of the Lord to be converted into joyful anticipation.…

The Key To Expecting and Receiving More This Year.

Graham Cooke

What new beginnings are you expecting this year and how are you going to see them become a reality? We can move in expectation because God has located us in the one place that generates and guarantees confident expectation. He put us into Jesus, giving us the key to expect…