Dinner Party
Dinner Party
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Epiphany as a Lifestyle.

Graham Cooke

The key to effective learning is what we must first unlearn. Saul really believed he was doing the will of God in persecuting the early followers of Jesus until he had an epiphany on the road to Damascus. Then he had to unlearn everything he thought he knew about the…


Stop Pursuing God.

Graham Cooke

God’s not running away from you. Stop pursuing Him. He came in the cool of the day looking for Adam and Eve. He pursued them and continues to pursue us today. This makes our response simple. Enjoy the video above! PS) For a more detailed understanding of what it looks…


How to Steward the Promises of God.

Graham Cooke

A promise from God is a cast-iron guarantee. When a promise is given, the Holy Spirit is given with it. And He becomes our tutor to school us in response and faith. However, a promise must be fully received before it can be entered into and realized in full. Firstly,…

How to Grow in Faith.

Allison Bown

“I wish I had more faith.” It’s a statement I hear often in conversations with people who are looking for…