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Overcoming Negativity Through Rest

Learn how to overcome negativity through rest!

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Brilliant Thoughts For A Better Life With God

You Are Here!

By Graham Cooke

Have you ever wished you could just look at a map of your spiritual development to see where you’re at?  To be able to glance down and find the “You…

The Ruling Power of Peace.

By Graham Cooke

 Peace isn’t something God merely has, it’s who He is.  Peace is a ruling power that overwhelms anxiety, fear, and panic.  It’s stronger than any adversity we will ever…

The Key To Experiencing God’s Presence.

By Graham Cooke

[View on iTunes here] Rest is the tangible expression of God’s presence.  When we practice it, we’ll feel His touch, hear His voice, and experience His presence in a renewed…

Elevate Your Relationship And Upgrade Your Journey With God.


The grace of God is so huge that it covers everything. Everything!

We need to learn to think from that place of fullness and favor. We also need to learn how to pray from a place of…

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The Triumphant Christian

I was first introduced to Graham Cooke when he came to a church I attended in 2007. His talks exploded in my heart, setting off…

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