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Brilliant Thoughts For A Better Life With God

God Killed Us With Kindness.

By Graham Cooke

The kindness of God permeates every aspect of His relationship with us, especially in how He dealt with our old nature. Instead of trying to renovate it – He kindly…

The Anatomy of Overcoming.

By Graham Cooke

We can experience both favor and vengeance operating in our lives. When we get free from something, we now have the same anointing to set other people free from the…

You Are Dead To Sin.

By Graham Cooke

  [Listen on iTunes] Transformation comes by the renewing of our mind. As we upgrade the way we see, think, and speak about what God is doing and who we…

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The Power Of An Overcoming Mindset

We all have issues and battles in our lives that we either want to overcome, or are in the process of overcoming.  I really believe…

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Community Testimonies

“I’m on an adventure to living and loving like Jesus…   Long ago, I said to Papa ‘If I never accomplished anything in this world other…

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