Why Doesn’t God Tell Us Everything.

Allison Bown

Did you ever consider that God purposely withholds the details of our journey because He is being kind? So often (myself included), we believe that peace comes from knowing what’s around the next bend. If we could just get a hint of what’s coming. We rationalize that it would help…

Give Thanks Until You Become Thanks.

Graham Cooke

Worship is not really for the Lord; rather it is for us because it makes us vulnerable to His goodness. Praise, worship, and thanksgiving create an environment for us to overcome the enemy and get on top of our circumstances through connecting to His nature and producing a flow back…

Keeping Your Focus through Faith & Patience

Beth from Brilliant Book House

At Brilliant Book House, we offer a free MP3 teaching every month to our visitors. We like to choose a message that not only complements the other featured teachings, but can also help connect listeners to thoughts that may be brand new to them. There is nothing more exciting for…