Dinner Party

What it Means to Become a Game Changer.

Graham Cooke

I think Jesus was the ultimate game changer. I also think He came to invite us to change the game, as well. The key to this way of life is learning to make choices from our identity instead of our circumstances. If interested, listen in on this session I recorded…


The Only Voice Worth Listening to.

Graham Cooke

Every one of us has an old self and a new self. The old self died when you came to know Christ. The new self is renewed in the knowledge of Jesus and who He is for you. Which self are you listening to? The voice of your old self…


How to Overcome Your Fear.

Graham Cooke

At a dinner party with some friends and strangers, I struck up a conversation with a woman who had just got her dream job. It was the ideal company, she told me, with great pay, a brilliant reputation, and a great training package. She had worked all her life to…