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How Do We Know What God is Really Like?

By Graham Cooke

Many people – Christian and pre-Christian – have a wrong view of God. They see Him in a number of ways, none of which properly reflect the majesty of His…

Experiencing the Gift of Righteousness.

By Graham Cooke

 (This is the intro video to my brand new devotional mentoring series on Brilliant TV, The Gift of Righteousness. Press play to enjoy!) In the Kingdom, we don’t earn…

Nothing Works Against the Fruit of the Spirit.

By Graham Cooke

[Listen on iTunes] The Fruits of the Spirit lead to an encounter with God that brings you into an ongoing experience of who He is while teaching you how you…

Elevate Your Relationship And Upgrade Your Journey With God.


Faith Grows Out of Your Experiences.

We have been talking a lot on the blog this summer about the subject of Identity; about how our thinking can shape and affect our experience and…

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“I didn’t realize it, but God was preparing me..”

 In the fall of 2015 Graham came to participate in our Church’s fall conference. As Graham shared his content I was very struck with how…

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