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The Practice of Delight

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Brilliant Thoughts For A Better Life With God

Discovering the Language of the Kingdom.

By Graham Cooke

How do we live in the world, but not be a people of the world? One way is to realize that all of us are learning to speak a new…

God’s True Nature is His Story.

By Graham Cooke

  Our life is designed to be astonishing in Jesus, because our story and journey are rooted in His absolute goodness towards us.  In all of our life events, the…

The Starting Place for Breakthrough.

By Graham Cooke

[Listen on iTunes] Every circumstance gives us the opportunity to think brilliantly about God, ourselves, and the situation we are in.  The key is learning to think with Jesus and…

Elevate Your Relationship And Upgrade Your Journey With God.


The grace of God is so huge that it covers everything. Everything!

We need to learn to think from that place of fullness and favor. We also need to learn how to pray from a place of…

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The Triumphant Christian

I was first introduced to Graham Cooke when he came to a church I attended in 2007. His talks exploded in my heart, setting off…

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