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Stand in Jesus, Not Your State in Life.

Graham Cooke

Who are we really, in our placement in Jesus and what are we portraying to the world around us? We have learned to view ourselves in our current state rather than our standing in Jesus, focusing on current circumstances, problems, and even trials. Yet God intends for us to view…

Why We Should Be Taking God for Granted.

Graham Cooke

The realm we inhabit in the spirit is never about problems; it’s only about promises because they are the language of Heaven. This is the place where we are learning to take God for granted because when He says something, He intends to fulfill it. When we are in peace…

Our Divine Advantage Leads To An Extraordinary Life.

Graham Cooke

Life in the Kingdom is full of majesty, wonder, and divine advantage, but we don’t always experience this as our everyday reality. Yet, God continues to meet us with His kind intentionality revealing the space He has made available to us in the Kingdom. It has your name on it,…