Two Minds Aren’t Always Better Than One.

Graham Cooke

It is really important for us to come into a place of being settled about who we are in Christ and who we are not. We need to know what He is doing with us and what He is resolutely not doing. Without having clarity about this important truth, we…

How to Kill Giants.

Graham Cooke

Our identity in Christ is the bedrock of the foundation of our lives & the cornerstone of all of our plans for the future. Only after we’ve received this sense of who we are from God can we begin to understand HOW we’re going to inhabit that identity—the action steps…

Elevated Expectations Change Everything.

Graham Cooke

The world is really weird right now with all kinds of things going on. I want to empower people to live in an elevated place, above the weirdness. I want to train people how to expect something different, something far more brilliant in their lives and be able to make…