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Three Keys that Unlock the Gift of God.

Graham Cooke

It’s a question that I’m asked all the time: “Why haven’t my promises come to pass yet?” What does it mean when the gap only seems to widen between promise received and promise fulfilled? And what do we do with the time between? It means that God is initiating a…

The Key to Getting God’s Best Gifts.

Graham Cooke

How often are we settling for a lesser gift, when God is offering a far more brilliant one? And why do we do that? Jesus encountered that thinking with the woman at the well in John 4. She thought He was offering to save her from her daily chores. But…

Why We Don’t Need to Invite God Into Our Weakness.

Graham Cooke

What would change for us if, instead of calling God down into our weakness—we allowed Him to elevate us into the strength and power of His perspective? Processing our lives through the mind of the old man changes nothing for us. It’s impossible to recognize and hear truth when we…