Real Freedom: How Do We Recognize It?

Graham Cooke

Every person wants to be free—and in Christ, true freedom exists. But does our understanding of “freedom” align with His? What are the signs of alignment and the indicators of non-alignment with His true nature of freedom? If we are not aligned with God’s true nature of freedom, we live…

Freedom to Expect the Best.

Allison Bown

The world says, “Expect the best, but prepare for the worst.” Yet God doesn’t think like that. His perspective is: “Expect the best and prepare for the best.” What changes for us when we share His way of seeing? We become free from apprehension and filled with anticipation. When we…

Why God Isn’t in Control.

Graham Cooke

When God created mankind, He gave the greatest gift possible. He gave us our freedom. While God is absolutely in charge, He has no desire to be in control. Freedom is of the highest value to God. His passion was for a people who were free to choose Him…or not.…

The Lord Wants You to Lead.

Beth from Brilliant Book House

“Leadership isn’t for everyone.” Have you ever been told that you don’t have what it takes to lead a group,…