Why Live in Doubt When You Can Grow In Confidence?

Graham Cooke

We all have moments of doubt. Challenging circumstances can wear our faith thin. Uncertainty about the fulfillment of a promise can leave us feeling hopeless. The list goes on. Here’s the good news beloved… We don’t have to stay stuck in doubt. God actually wants to use our current situations…

Our New Life Began with a Funeral.

Graham Cooke

Our life with God begins with a funeral. We cannot have new life unless the old is dead and gone. Our ever increasing knowledge needs to be: I am dead to the old, and I am alive to the new. What do you find yourself focusing on more? The old…

Without This, It’s Impossible To Live By Faith.

Graham Cooke

We are all familiar with the importance of living by faith, yet we often overlook the trust we need in our relationship with God before faith can even be present. Trusting the Lord is not situational; faith is. Trust is a constant, and we are practicing our trust all the…