How to Kill Giants.

Graham Cooke

Our identity in Christ is the bedrock of the foundation of our lives & the cornerstone of all of our plans for the future. Only after we’ve received this sense of who we are from God can we begin to understand HOW we’re going to inhabit that identity—the action steps…

Warriors Don’t See Obstacles. They See Something Else.

Graham Cooke

Given the right mindset, everything that occurs to us in life is an opportunity. The temptation is usually to see things in terms of being positive or negative. We tend to focus on the favor and blessings that God gives us, and wish we could ignore all the obstacles and…

Is Your New Man Hiding in Plain Sight?

Allison Bown

I’ve heard it (or thought it) more times than I can count: “I want to see myself as the New Creation I am in Christ… but it’s hard.” And yes, it being hard is totally true—if you’re looking for the wrong person. (allow me explain…) We recently celebrated Easter, that…