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What Are the Gifts that You Haven’t Collected?

Graham Cooke

There are unclaimed upgrades all over our lives. They are the perfect solution for all negativity and we get to collect these upgrades as gifts. They are especially available when we find ourselves dealing with anxiety, fear, and panic because these reactions don’t belong to our new man in Jesus.…

Feeling Stuck in Your Life, Relationships or Calling?

Graham Cooke

 (This is an introduction to the Getting Unstuck Immersion: A 14 day journey to get back on track with the life God has for you! Learn more here.) Sometimes life can overtake us. We are too busy working, surviving, or living week to week. The end result: we get…

Our Divine Advantage Leads To An Extraordinary Life.

Graham Cooke

Life in the Kingdom is full of majesty, wonder, and divine advantage, but we don’t always experience this as our everyday reality. Yet, God continues to meet us with His kind intentionality revealing the space He has made available to us in the Kingdom. It has your name on it,…