Whatever You Focus on You Empower.

Graham Cooke

Our new man always lines up with Jesus. This means that there is a difference between that which is TRUE and that which is the TRUTH. It can be true that we have a problem in some area of our life, but the truth is you are a new creation…

Having Faith in God Isn’t Everything.

Graham Cooke

Life in God is not just about having faith in Him. Did you know that He has faith in you, too? He is utterly convinced that you are going to be wonderful, exceptional, and brilliant as His children. He is totally convinced about everyone of us. He is intentional about…

Do You Believe What God Believes About You?

Graham Cooke

Do you believe what God believes about you? If so, consider yourself dead to sin. Beloved, God sees you as a new creation in Christ. All the old things have passed away and everything has become new. We have permission to no longer see ourselves in terms of the old…