We Are The Church.

Graham Cooke

How many of you know that the church is not a building? Church was never meant to be a building; instead it is a Kingdom of believers practicing love and grace on each other. The Church is the showcase for life in Christ, creating an expression of the love, grace,…

An Invitation to Discover Your Story with God.

Graham Cooke

(This is an introduction video to the new Brilliant TV weekly mentoring series, Story and Journey. I’ve also made episode one available for free for this week only. Watch it here!) Everyone has a story, and every part of that story requires a journey with God so that you discover…

What Does Church Mean to You?

Graham Cooke

(This video sets off a month of conversation based around church and Kingdom. Press play to watch it now, and then share your thought with me in the comments below.) The church needs to leave the building in order to engage with the rest of the world. So my questions…