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Love is Never Not An Option For God.

Graham Cooke

It’s impossible for the Father to see us disconnected from His love; it’s not in His nature nor ability to do so because He is unchanging. In fact, He is not even available for change, so we don’t even need to think about it happening. We just get to focus…

A Quick Reminder of Who You Are in Jesus.

Graham Cooke

I know life gets busy and our focus turns to everyday matters. But sometimes, we just need a good reminder of who we are in Jesus. Reflecting on who we are in Him allows us to take a fresh stand in all that God wants to be for us and…

How Does Jesus See Your Current Situation?

Graham Cooke

(This is the first session in the new weekly mentoring class & the only one that will be available for free. To get access to additional classes, watch here!) If Jesus were looking out through your eyes, how would He see the situation that you are currently in? Asking this…