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Will God Ever Change Towards Us?

Graham Cooke

 God is the same towards us whether we are doing well or badly. He doesn’t change towards us, and we can fully rest on this foundational, key truth despite our feelings or circumstances. Because He will never change, we can put all our security and confidence in the fact…

It’s Over: Something Got Finished Before You Started

Graham Cooke

 (This is an intro video to It’s Over! Something Got Finished Before You Got Started, a new devotional series, I’m starting February 2nd, on Brilliant TV. Together, we will unpack the revelations in my book, The Nature of Freedom, and you will gain devotional tools to discover how the…

What it Means for God to be Both Our Healer and Keeper.

Graham Cooke

God is both our Healer and Keeper; He doesn’t bring pain, sickness, and suffering into our lives to teach us about His nature. In Jesus, we can view ourselves as a well person fighting off sickness, not a sick person person trying to get well. When we bring this perspective…