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Turning Passivity Into Prophecy

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Freedom to Expect the Best.

The world says, “Expect the best, but prepare for the worst.” Yet God doesn’t think like that. His perspective is: “Expect the best and prepare for the best.” What changes for us when we share His way of seeing?

We become free from apprehension and filled with anticipation.

When we prepare ourselves to expect the best of God’s true nature in every situation we face, we’ll see things we would have missed. Apprehension, fear and doubt are lenses that are looking for negatives—so they find them. Expectation prepares us to see God at work, regardless of our circumstances.

Recently, my Sierra neighborhood was evacuated as a huge firestorm threatened to over run our town—and I was in Santa Barbara. My calls to our landline phone just rang; a sure sign that the power was out. My husband doesn’t have a cell phone, because we don’t get reception in the mountains… and as a soccer coach, there’s always a teenager nearby who has one when he needs it! So how would I find him? Well, I had a five hour drive to figure that out.

About 15 minutes after I started, the Holy Spirit piped up, “What are you expecting?”

The question surprised me, but also intrigued me. What was I expecting?
I expected that my home and my neighbors would be okay.
I expected that there would be opportunities to meet new neighbors.
I expected miracles.
And I expected to find my husband.

Expectation totally changed my mindset and the language of my prayers. I wasn’t asking or hoping… I was expecting God to so something very special. Within a few minutes, I was full of anticipation for the adventure ahead—leaving no room for apprehension.

I was expecting the best. And I was preparing for the best.

At 7 a.m., after driving most of the night, I stopped for coffee about a half hour from our home. As I got back the car, I had a simple knowing: “Randy is coming on the opposite side of the road. Start looking for him.”

No booming voice of heaven. But no doubt Who was the Author of that thought either.

Seven minutes later, as I watched every car go by—there he was. I cranked a u-turn and followed him until he realized it was me (a humorous story for another day).

I was grateful, but not surprised.

Expectation positions us to see miracles, big and small. It sharpens our vision and focuses our attention towards God. It liberates us from apprehension that blinds us to the majesty before us.

Instead of being shackled by fearing the worst, we’re free to recognize and receive what God is delighted to give.

What are your current expectations of God?
And how does He want to expand them?

I’d love to hear!


PS) Speaking of a lifestyle of EXPECTATION!, Graham, Shawn Bolz and Jonathan and Melissa Helser are doing an entire 3 day event this coming weekend to help us create this very thing! The event is sold out but you can click here to join our Livestream!

PPS) Also, if interested in an additional resource on this topic, my CD/MP3 series on “Secrets of a Warrior,” has more on a majestic, elevated perspective in all of life’s circumstances. Enjoy!