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Encouraging Yourself in God

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An Invitation to Discover Your Story with God.

(This is an introduction video to the new Brilliant TV weekly mentoring series, Story and Journey. I’ve also made episode one available for free for this week only. Watch it here!)

Everyone has a story, and every part of that story requires a journey with God so that you discover and take the territory of Christ in you.

One of my favorite sayings about Jesus is that “He is Big Country.” There is lots to explore in Him, but we need to do more than just explore the territory of Christ within us. We want to learn how to establish and expand it.

In this new weekly series, we will be looking at God’s story towards us and our story with Him. It will enable you to discover the ways in which God is joining His story with yours and how you can best travel with Him through it.

Over the next eight weeks, you can expect to:

  • Identify God’s story and journey towards you…
  • Discover the main character in the story of your life…
  • Experience His provision and resources for your journey with Him…
  • Spy out your territory (that’s a fun one!)…
  • And encounter the joy of the journey that’s always present…

Christ in us is a magnificent story, waiting to be unfolded, and us in Christ is equally amazing. God is taking us on a journey to where He’s already been.

Aren’t you curious about what that could look like for you?

Join me on BTV for this new weekly mentoring series and let’s find out together.

PS) As a sneak peak of the series, episode 1 is available for FREE to everyone. This is the only episode in the series that will be accessible without a BTV membership. Click here to watch it now!

PPS) If you enjoy it and want to continue the series with me, sign up with a 7-day free trial for Brilliant TV here.