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Overcoming Negativity Through Rest

Learn how to overcome negativity through rest!

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Brilliant Thoughts For A Better Life With God

The Power to Choose Rest.

By Graham Cooke

Rest allows us to make powerful choices.  Every day, we have the opportunity to choose what we will receive: peace or worry?  Perfect love or fear? Of course, the choice…

The Ruling Power of Peace.

By Graham Cooke

 Peace isn’t something God merely has, it’s who He is.  Peace is a ruling power that overwhelms anxiety, fear, and panic.  It’s stronger than any adversity we will ever…

If We Are In Jesus, Then So Is Our Situation.

By Graham Cooke

[Listen in iTunes here] Victory is our starting place in the Kingdom. We don’t need to get anywhere in our situations because we are already there in Jesus, giving us…

Elevate Your Relationship And Upgrade Your Journey With God.


Rest Brings Wisdom As Well As Peace.

Our current situation requires wisdom, but even more it yearns for Presence. Stillness and meditative prayer allows us to experience both, through the word coming…

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A Dream Realized.

13 years ago I was a very driven career girl. Single, happy and determined to reach the top of the corporate ladder in record time.…

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