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Dinner Party

God Will Not Let You Stay Stuck.

Graham Cooke

When we understand how God interacts with us, our lives are transformed. We are able to see what God is doing in us, and what He is doing through us. And we no longer confuse the two. We’re able to spend time in His presence receiving revelation, guidance and love.…

Tension Doesn’t Mean Something is Wrong.

Graham Cooke

When we feel tension, we assume that something is wrong. Yet, I have reason to believe that tension is really just telling us that something is happening. After all, movement cannot happen without tension. So when you begin to feel tension, ask the Lord what’s really going on. You may…

Two Questions to Ask When Trials Come

Graham Cooke

We’ve all been in a situation where we had absolutely no idea what to do, or how to extricate ourselves. Usually we find ourselves with a sudden hankering to take one or two steps back to where we were before the problem arose. That rising panic and desperate wish to…