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What Happens When You Walk Off Your Map.

By Allison Bown

What is the first sign that you’ve “walked off your map” in life?

You want a map.

The basic idea seems so appealing: “Walk off your map.”

In other words, follow God into uncharted territory. It sounds fabulous, full of adventurous possibilities… until it actually happens and you’re surrounded by far more questions than answers.

Predictability and circumstantial certainty are not God’s ways. HE is unchanging, but there’s no promise of a life without the unexpected. In fact, as Graham has often reminded me, “It’s not an adventure until something goes wrong.”

Good cheer can only come from knowing that He’s the One who has overcome the world and everything in it. So when you’re looking for a map, consider that…

God is our map.

Think about it. The “territory” that we’re taking first is inside of us. The realms of peace, joy, patience, hope, unfailing love…they are our starting place. We’re in the process of discovering the life of Christ that was deposited in us at the point of our salvation. We haven’t experienced all of it yet, nor understood the fullness of it. That’s our undiscovered country—and God is certainly familiar with how to navigate it.

Our true adventure is learning how to abide; to stay in what we’ve explored so far and using every unforeseen situation to see more of who He really is and who we really are.

So while the events around our lives are unpredictable—and our responses to them a work in progress—God’s unchanging nature that is the same yesterday, today and forever is our clear and certain map, our True North.

His enduring promises are provision for the journey. They have no expiration date or contingencies—there is no label that reads “except in rough terrain.” They are great and precious. Any faith and patience required is a part of our training that we can embrace.

That’s the place of rest and confidence as we travel. We may not know what is around the next bend, but we know Who we’ll find waiting for us.

— Allison

PS) For more on this life of true adventure, read this FREE portion of Joyful Intentionality on “The Joy of the Journey.

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