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Entering Into Majesty

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What Thanksgiving Unlocks.

We walk up the pathway and knock on the door of friends or family. And there’s that moment when it opens and we’re surrounded by people who are really glad to see us. There’s laughter and food and joy—conversations filled with delight.

Isn’t that what all of us desire in our relationship with God as well? To walk up to His front door, with nothing but anticipation, knowing we’re about to see the biggest grin and get the best hug ever.

But what if knocking wasn’t even required? What if you had the keys? What if there was no special occasion necessary, but you could be freely in His presence any place, anywhere, any time.

Thanksgiving is the key to God’s door.

When we choose to not to focus on our current challenges or all the things we feel we are not—and pause in thanksgiving for the beauty of the Lord, for His faithfulness and kindness in our lives… a door opens.

It’s not located in some far away place. It doesn’t require traveling in crowded airports or traffic jams to get there. It’s the Secret Place with God that lives on the inside of you—and He’s always present because He said He would be. It is the place of stillness and rest, where He becomes bigger than anything we face.

Thanksgiving unlocks majesty, and suddenly we can only be overwhelmed by all God is for us.

David understood it.

“Enter His gates with thanksgiving…”

He said in Psalm 100. Unlock the door of unimpeded Presence with gratitude. Gain a higher perspective of your life the way He sees it. Revel in conversations with the One who loves you best. Feed on His faithfulness and encounter the fullness of His joy in being with you.

But at times, we’ve treated thanksgiving like an annual holiday—something that we engage in every so often and that requires tremendous effort. We consider our lives and sigh, “Well (deep breath), at least I’m thankful for_____,” and then mention some bright spot in our difficulties. Thanksgiving is so much more than that!

It’s a significant, powerful part of our Newness Advantage.

It is the entry point to embracing all that God has for us to experience fullness in this life with Him. Instead of pleading with God for things like righteousness, peace or access to His throne of grace—we get to thank Him for those instead because He’s already promised them in our lives. That perspective changes everything.

Thanksgiving allows us to stand in His promise, expectant of His provision, knowing confidently that it’s there.

If you’re feeling stuck, not seeing the path God has you on, you have the key to unlock it in your hand. As Graham would say, “Give thanks until you become thanks.”

Give your whole heart to thanking God for who He is until your heart and mind are overtaken with the Presence that lives on the inside of you. Not just now and then, but always: standing in line, driving around town, doing dishes—any place, any time… look around and let gratitude rise.

See His smile. Feel His arms wrap around you. Encounter His delight as you celebrate together the life He gave everything for you to have.

Inhale His majesty, exhale your thanks.

– Allison Bown – a Creative Partner, Trainer, Writer and Strategist at Brilliant Perspectives and the author of “Joyful Intentionality

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