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Why Doesn’t God Tell Us Everything?

By Allison Bown

Did you ever consider that God purposely withholds the details of our journey because He is being kind?

So often (myself included), we believe that peace comes from knowing what’s around the next bend. If we could just get a hint of what’s coming. We rationalize that it would help us be prepared (at which point I usually hear the Holy Spirit chuckling, “Yeah right… good try, Al!”).

Peace that comes from knowing all the details is a false peace that will fail.

It sounds so good. If only God would hand us a list of all that is ahead, we wouldn’t be side-swiped by the unexpected and unfortunate. We could develop a decent plan and get ready to face what’s coming.

Except, that it doesn’t work like that.

Imagine if Jesus had told Peter all that was ahead the first time they met.

“Hey, Pete! Good to meet you. You’re about to leave a dependable income, train for three years and when I need you most, you’re going to deny you even know Me… and I’ll hear you say that. I’m going to be killed in a horrible, bloody way, but then come alive again – then leave. You’ll end up in an event with lots of wind and fire when the Holy Spirit (who you don’t even know exists yet) comes and joins you. You’ll get beat up and bloodied on a pretty regular basis. Write some great letters and in the end, they will kill you too in the same awful way I died, except upside down. Ready to go?”

Do you REALLY want to know what comes next?

God isn’t withholding information because He’s being difficult, or even testing you. It’s often because He’s being kind.

He’s well aware that His ways are higher than ours and frequently beyond understanding, so He gives us time and experiences to know He can be trusted always.

Lazarus’s sisters and the disciples were pretty on board with Jesus healing their brother and friend. But what if they had understood that the real plan was resurrection? Could they have believed for that? Even when Jesus told them directly, it was beyond their comprehension.

Faith is not logical. It’s relational.

So, God gives us time to grow in relationship with Him. That’s the best preparation of all.

Faith and trust are the outcomes of knowing in whom we have believed, not what. Sometimes He gives us a heads up, but most often, our preparation is in what we learn about who He is for us as we travel. When God asks us to trust Him with the details, He is extending His hand for an intimate walk together. The distraction of the future ceases to compete for our attention and we can be totally focused on His unchanging nature.

One look at Him, no matter what is occurring—and you know that while your world may have just shifted; He hasn’t. And He’s too kind to let you miss knowing Him like that.

Allison Bown – a Creative Partner, Trainer , Writer and Strategist at Brilliant Perspectives and the author of “Joyful Intentionality

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