(The video above is last week’s mentoring episode on Brilliant TV, but I wanted to share this special new year’s message with you and invite you to join me for a year of relational learning.)

How are you going to walk with the Lord in the new year?

God lives in us in a present, future context, where He works with who we are now and how we are traveling with Him. He wants us to see, think and work towards the future growth in our relationship with Him and what He is planning for us.

He’s inviting us to join Him for a relational conversation where we can discover the promises, permissions, and purposes He has for us this year.

As we dialogue with God, we can encounter His presence and experience the strength and courage we need to pursue these promises and live our purpose for 2019.

To learn how you can receive everything God has for you and engage with a special word for the new year, watch the video above.

Happy New Year from all of us at Brilliant!

PS) I’d love the opportunity to walk with you regularly this coming year. If you give me one year, I’ll change your devotional life through the weekly mentoring episodes. Sign up for an annual membership to Brilliant TV.