Graham’s message is about being prequalified to receive as sons and daughters of God. 

The very DNA of our New Man in Christ allows us, as new creations, to perceive the difficulties in our lives as possibilities for the Father to advance our identity and the promises He’s given us. 

God wants us to live present-future, beholding the man or woman He saw in the years ahead when He first gave us the promise.


  • The New Man sees everything as a possibility to encounter God.
  • In Christ, God has qualified you to receive.
  • You’re coming to a God who adores you and gives you permission to ask.
  • Our promises are our guarantee.
  • Difficulties can accelerate our development.
  • Promises give us a way of perceiving the world, a mindset and a language.


  • John 14:13-14
  • John 15:7
  • Psalm 91
  • Isaiah 46:4

This episode features another audio clip of Graham’s teaching from the Conference Series  “Radical Permission 1” on Brilliant TV.


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You can find the Conference Series that today’s featured message is from here: Radical Permission 1 – The Place of Encounter


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