“What if you can have a high performance team, that is peaceful, that functions from rest, that knows how to receive a gift from the Lord, partners with Him in creativity and innovation, and is not just a team with a leader, but a team of leaders?”

It’s possible to transform your company’s culture into a thriving, profitable, and pioneering one. 

Fast-growing businesses have a serious dilemma.

Every company, ministry, or organization must develop a new strategy to move beyond its current limits as it grows.

If old systems and ways of doing things are no longer working for you, you’re beginning to realize that what got you here will not take you into your future.

Like most leaders, you may have listened to an inspiring leadership TedTalk (Simon Sinek or John Maxwell, anyone?) only to find yourself and your business in the same place as before weeks later. 

Do you wish there were real tactics that worked to move the needle, rather than going around the same mountain again and again?

There is, however, some good news:

Working with God rather than for Him creates a high-performance team, and any leader can do this by shifting to a Kingdom culture.

There are answers.

A high-performance Kingdom culture can be created by upgrading your business culture. We’re eager to assist you in making the shift.

Join myself and Graham Cooke as we share the story of how we were able to do this not only for our businesses but for others.

 Watch here → 

– Dionne van Zyl, President of Brilliant Perspectives.








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