Introducing you to our new Wednesday posts written by our team at Brilliant Book House, Graham’s publishing company.

These articles will take an in depth look at teachings and resources that Graham has crafted over his years in ministry.  We will feature testimonies and  share audio and free chapter samples, but mostly we will share our knowledge of Graham’s teachings and our experience seeing their impact on real people!


Summer is officially here! The sun is out and the days are long. For a lot of us, summer means having extra time to renew and recharge mentally. For some of us in the BBH office, our way of recharging is by taking some time out to read a book. So what better topic for our first post over here at Brilliant Perspectives?! Here are our top picks for what we are looking forward to reading this season:

1. Hiddenness & Manifestation

Every book in the Being with God journal series is an excellent choice for summer reading because they offer concise insight that you will inspire a ton of brilliant thinking! One of our top choices from the Being with God journal series is Hiddenness & Manifestation. If you’ve ever wondered what’s going on when God seems absent, or questioned what He is doing in that time, this journal will help you find answers as Graham Cooke explores these seasons of Presence. From the blessings of manifestation to the empowering forces of hiddenness, this book offers specific advice on how to learn and grow in any circumstance.

Through the month of July, you can get Hiddenness & Manifestation as part of an exclusive bundle at Brilliant Book House, called The Positivity Bundle. This bundle also includes Perfecting the Art of Bouncing Back and Seeing in the Spirit.

2. Secret Sayings, Hidden Meanings

Secret Sayings, Hidden Meanings is a great book to keep with you during summer travel or on busy days running from errand to errand! As part of The Wisdom Series, this book was written with busy people in mind. Filled with 52 short essays, quotes and meditations, even if you only have five minutes to spend during the day, Secret Sayings, Hidden Meanings will refresh your thinking and renew your outlook!

3. Coming Into Alignment

Not only do we thinking Coming into Alignment is a great choice if you find yourself with a little more time to read, but some Brilliant Book House customers do as well. Just check out this review left by Phil on the BBH site:

“There are few writers or speakers who can actually take you places in the Spirit. Many can point the way, few can take you with them on their journey. Whenever I connect with this man I am compelled to travel differently. He is always so careful to make us fall in love with Jesus, to discover the Fathers love in a deeper way, and to enjoy the incomparable Holy Spirit in the course of life. This book is about God taking you on the journey that he has designed you for in life. Everything you encounter plays a part in your development as a man or woman of God. It is rich in the details of that partnership and preparation. This book makes you grow up joyfully into all that Christ wants you to become in Him. You cannot change your story and journey without the revelation and pragmatic wisdom that the Spirit reveals in this outstanding piece of writing.”
Just as Phil said, Coming Into Alignment will take you on a journey in the Spirit and totally change your perspective on alignment and the blessings that come with it. Check it out today!

4. Towards A Powerful Inner Life

Like Hiddenness & Manifestation, another one of our favorite books for the summer comes from The Being with God Series as well. Towards a Powerful Inner Life is an essential tool for learning to be led by your spirit rather than your soul. Within, Graham offers techniques, meditations and questions to further your thinking that will empower you to live life more brilliantly! If you’re ready for a new season, make sure it’s one that upgrades your perspective of life in the Kingdom.

5. Joyful Intentionality

Is your idea of spirituality grounded in discipline? What would happen if it were based on delight? In Allison Bown’s first book, Joyful Intentionality, she discusses what can happen when you choose joy instead of duty. This book is conversational and encouraging, filled with creative tools that will practically equip you on your joy-filled adventure with God. If you’re looking for a book that digs deep so you can unearth some undiscovered treasure, this book is a total game-changer. Did you know you can download a FREE CHAPTER of Joyful Intentionality before purchase? Check it out over at the BBH store here for more details!