Connecting people to powerful and inspirational teachings is our favorite thing to do at Brilliant Book House! Every month we offer a free MP3 on our site to help with this BRILLIANT cause, and our pick for August is one that highlights God’s desire to provide for you, no matter what you find yourself in the middle of.

There isn’t a person reading this right now that God doesn’t have great intentions for! This means YOU!

Opportunity In The Place Of Confinement is an encouraging message that will help you to focus on the promises placed before you, no matter how foggy or busy your circumstances may be. Here’s an excerpt:

When we feel boxed in and closed in by circumstances and situations and maybe people, your promise from God is a key that unlocks that door and sets you free. “I am the Truth”, Jesus said. “I am the Way, I am the Life, and the truth will set you free”. And the truth is you have got a promise right now that unlocks your cell. So, stay or go. Be a prisoner of your circumstances or learn to be free.

Be sure to check out Opportunity In The Place Of Confinement if you’re looking for a message that will help you to focus on your opportunities rather than your obstacles. Absolutely every believer needs a refresher on this subject from time to time!

We have so many chances, every single day, to do something brilliant, either for ourselves or for others. We want you to tell us about what you see on your horizon. What has God given you to help breakthrough to the next stage of your journey with Him? What provisions and promises has he made, and how do you plan on making them a reality?