13 years ago I was a very driven career girl. Single, happy and determined to reach the top of the corporate ladder in record time. I wanted a good stable relationship with someone who was passionate for God, but there was no-one in my life and I was probably the only woman I knew who was not yearning to become a mother. I didn’t understand broodiness or anything related to it. I felt like children is only a fruit of a strong and happy commitment, so it was the furthest thing from my mind.

One night, however, I had a dream about a little blonde blue-eyed boy who I had so much fun with in my dream, I actually woke up laughing a few times throughout the night. Every time I’d drift back to sleep and the dream would carry one. At one point in my dream I asked my friend, who was also in the dream, who this amazing little boy is. She looked at me strangely and said “Marelise, it’s your son. It’s Daniel.” I remember waking up the next morning thinking that must be the strangest dream ever.

About 3 years later I got married. I had an ectopic pregnancy a year later and another year later my one tube burst. The damage was so severe, they didn’t know how to sew me up again. I also bled out completely and died on the operating table. Only to come back again and fight my way through it. After days in ICU and lots of prayer I recovered completely. Praise God.

A few months later my doctor advised me that I urgently need to have a hysterectomy, as I will never survive anything like that again. I told the doctor that’s not possible, as I was going to have Daniel. He was not a believer, so proceeded to explain, at length, how impossible it would be for me to ever have a child. So I left it in God’s hands and we prayed long and hard before the procedure. When they opened me up to do the procedure, there was a living cell in my other tube and ethically they are not allowed to remove anything if it contains a living cell. Ha, and God wins again!

My doctor was so paranoid about this whole thing, I had to go for scans almost every week and he just kept expressing his concern. I, of course kept telling him about God and how miraculous His works are. He was an outspoken atheist, so you can imagine how infuriating my visits were to him.

Loooong story short, Daniel was born 9 months later without ANY complications! God Wins Again. I can carry on and on about what happened thereafter, but I will just end off by saying my Doctor is now a strong and driven believer. We made sure he got a Bible soon after the birth and the rest, as they say is His Story!

All praise and honor to God, because my child reminds me every day that NOTHING is impossible with God.

Marelise C.

–  Thank you so much Marelise for this Brilliant Story and powerful reminder of what it means to walk in faith with a God who is determined to gives us the deepest desires of our heart.