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The End of Being Upset with Yourself.

When you feel disconnected from God or frustrated with your rate of growth in life, what is your first response?

Furthermore, did you know these feelings are actually a sign that something good needs to happen?

When negativity is present, so is God’s presence because He knows an exchange is possible. We’re simply learning to let Christ in us be the first responder to any difficulty.

The Holy Spirit loves training us in relational learning, which is the ability to grow in God using all our life situations. So to learn more about handling uneasy situations and no longer being upset with yourself, watch the video above!

PS) If you are interested in developing a lifestyle of relational learning with the Lord, consider joining my mentoring community at Brilliant TV. This video is a short clip from a recent mentoring series, The Marvelous Way God Works. To learn more and view the rest of this series, sign up for a free trial membership here!

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