A Beautiful Kind of Therapy

We would like to share with you this amazing story of a life changed, sent to us by a therapist who uses Graham’s Becoming the Beloved CD with some of her patients. This testimony really encouraged us, and we hope it encourages you!

About a year and a half ago a Christian woman and her husband walked into my office. She had been referred to me by a friend who runs a ministry. My friend had some serious concerns about the woman de-compensating emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. My friend was right.  My client sat before me in a psychotic state trying desperately to hear my words but unable to hold a thought for more than a few moments.

After about forty-five minutes it was clear to me that approaching her healing with prayer or a clinical approach was not the way to begin with her. I handed her the CD  Becoming the Beloved by Graham Cooke. My instructions to her were to listen to it at least three times a day. I told her to lie down, just rest, and if she fell asleep that was ok; but that I wanted her to be at rest when listening.

I informed her that she would be resistant to what she was hearing at times but to just let that pass. If she became angry with what she was hearing this was ok too. If she found herself arguing with the words to just note it, let it go, but to keep listening.

The following week she came in all upset. “I don’t like this CD. Some of it’s ok, but most of it is just false. This can’t be true about me.” I assured her that indeed this is how God saw her. It was difficult for her to take, because she had heard so many lies all her life in addition to the religious lies she had encountered over the last several years. Lies were the norm that she had picked up, owned and kept telling herself now.

My instructions were the same.  Go home and listen to it three times a day and rest.  She did. The following week she was still challenging what she was hearing, but her argument had become more of a discussion. Over the next eight weeks my assignment remained the same. Each week I saw more light of improvement in her thinking. She became calmer and was now able to hold a conversation.

By the third month she was sitting before me in her “right mind.” All psychosis was gone. I was able to begin to work with her in the areas of her life that needed processing and healing. She continued to listen to the Beloved CD as well as receiving some other suggestions of Graham’s CDs that I gave her, and she added these to her listening.

Towards the end of the year she was doing so well that she felt able to come to a Graham Cooke conference with me. In 2012 she sat next to me through almost the entire conference with arms lifted up towards heaven praising God. Her heart was open to Graham’s teaching and more healing occurred.

Within four additional months of therapy/prayer/recovery she was ready to move on. She truly was sitting before me completely in her right mind. Her heart, mind, and spirit were healed. I told her that I was here for her anytime.  Over this past year she came into see me one time for a “check-up” that she wanted. This woman was still smiling, glowing, praising God. She has kept me posted on how God is using her to walk alongside of others now. I received a wonderful Christmas card this year from her rejoicing and excited about the future that is before her.

The power of truth overcoming lies is so very real.  I wanted Graham to know how the Father is using the soaking series to set captives free. I have many of my clients listen to Becoming the Beloved as a set assignment.  What I have found is that their recovery is accelerated. When truth replaces lies, transformation occurs.

I tell my clients, “You have heard lies about yourself thousands of times over, so how often do you think you need to hear the truth about yourself? One time is not enough for a root system to take hold. You must hear the truth many times over for that truth to grow.”

Graham’s soaking series is that powerful and repetitive truth that I use to partner with the truth that I speak into their lives! I am very grateful for this helpful tool in my practice.

Remember, you can find Becoming the Beloved and the rest of the Devotional Soaking series at brilliantbookhouse.com!