In 2016 I went through chemotherapy for the second time in twelve years. The first time, I was in a lot of fear. Needless to say, my body didn’t react well to the drugs and I got so sick they had to stop treatment.

So when I learned I would need chemo again, I had to deal with all those negative memories. But this time, I had Graham’s teachings in my head and heart. So I set my head to being in God’s peace and rest. What a difference! God brought scripture after scripture to mind about resting in Him.

Now when fear rises up, I read those scriptures again and know that I can rest on those promises.

Chemo still wasn’t fun, but every morning I would read His promises and rest in His care and loving arms. I knew that God had me. He is my refuge and safe place, He is my God and I can trust Him.

If it weren’t for Graham’s teaching, and giving me a new way of thinking, and being, with God, I would still be back in fear. Thank you Graham for sharing God’s word. It has made all the difference in my walk with, and love for, God. I am so very grateful that God brought you and your teaching into my life.

– Thank you Sharon Roberts for this powerful story.