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Living on a Higher Place

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A Devotional Soaking Experience.

Beloved, you are learning how to behold and become. You’re learning how to see us in all things and that vision will overwhelm your identity.

You are learning the art of belonging and believing. You belong to us, and we aren’t going anywhere. Nothing can separate us from you and you from our love. 

All circumstances are your training ground to receiving Christ and your response to Him. You are learning how to grow up into all things in Christ. God is not working on your flaws; Jesus already dealt with them. He is upgrading you to a place of freedom, power and authority.

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Upgrades are Always Available in the Mind of Christ

Living as a New Creation

The Spirit of Wisdom Lives in You

Discovering the Language of the Kingdom



Beloved, you’re learning the life of beholding and becoming. As you learn to see Us in all things, that vision will overwhelm your identity. And you will respond to Us by becoming made in Our image. You’re learning the art of belonging and believing. We’re in charge of your new man, because your new creation is Our life in you. 

You belong to Us, and we have given Ourselves to you. Your part is simply to believe that We are one with you, at all times. 

Nothing and no one can ever cause us to be separated. We are your dwelling place. Your habitation in the Spirit. Trust Us when We say that we abide in you, so that you may remain with Us. Remember, We initiate. You respond. 

In this place of safety, you’re learning how to grow up into all things in Jesus. We gave you a personal trainer, the incomparable Holy Spirit. Who has the joy of changing you, guiding your responses, and upgrading your experience with Us in the Way the Truth and the Life of Christ within. We love this relational process of Christ in you, and you in Him. 

All your circumstances are your training ground, to continue receiving Christ and growing in your response to Him. 

We love empowering you. We enjoy your dependency on Us. We have peace with you. We have a huge and enjoyable patience with you. Because we’re not working on your flaws. Jesus already took them away. We are lovingly and patiently upgrading your new man to a place of freedom, power, and authority. 

So we’re going to be teaching you fullness, abundance and favor in Christ. As He is, so are you in this world. We grant you Christ’s perspective, that you may see what We see in your life. We bestow upon you the mind of Jesus so that your renewed thinking can affect a powerful, life-altering transformation. 

We impart to you through Scripture, via the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, the language of Heaven. Literally the same language that we speak. It’s the language of possibilities, not problems. The language of trust, faith and promise. The same language, compatible with grace, mercy, and the fruit of the Spirit. 

Our voice is constantly full of goodness and kindness. We want your voice to be the same. 

Your new and developing identity to be made in Our image and Our likeness. Beloved, all things are hugely in your favor. All things are for your sakes. No matter how hard the circumstances of life may become. The truth that sets you free is always the same yesterday, today and forever.

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