This Blog article is taken from content based on “It’s Over!” A series on Brilliant TV that is based around Graham’s landmark book, “The Nature of Freedom.” You can check out either of these by visiting those links.

Today, Graham explains some of the heart behind the series, and how to posture yourself to best learn and receive with the Lord through the coming weeks.


There’s always a story behind the story in any book that is written.

For me, the process of writing is hugely enjoyable …because it’s a highly relational process with the Lord. Now, I’m looking forward to bringing that experience into this devotional series, and exploring the genius plan of God for our freedom.

He crafted that plan from the very beginning and we want to encounter the majesty and wonder of His passion for us.

Before we get started, I want to take a minute to give you a fresh lens, a new mindset and some upgraded language for this series [the “Nature of Freedom” series that the upcoming Blog articles will be focused on].

To begin with, these are devotional sessions.

And what does that mean? It means that we’re not going to be instructing you by giving you information about freedom. This is not a theology class.

A devotional mindset is very different than an educational one.

In devotion, we expect be overwhelmed by who God is for us. Everything we share in this series is about discovering in WHOM we have believed… not just learning more about Him.

All revelation becomes transformational through two elements: knowledge and encounter.

Think of it as a room with two doors. If we enter a truth through the door of knowledge and study, we must leave through the door of encounter, so that what we’re learning becomes our daily experience.

By the same token, if we have a massive encounter with the Lord, we want to learn how to establish that as a lifestyle by searching the scriptures and gaining an understanding of our experiences.

This will mean that we upgrade our lens of who God is for us and we renew our mind in who we are in Him, which produces a different way of speaking both to God and ourselves. Lens, mindset and language are the key elements of identity.

There may be some things to specifically un-learn so that we can learn and encounter God differently.

Saul’s experience on the Damascus Road, Acts 9, is a prime example of someone receiving a completely new identity.

This is important, because you may find yourself in this same place during this series, and with other programs that we do regarding the Nature of Freedom.

Remember, your #1 allegiance is to God’s Truth. Not to me. And it’s not to your previous learning.

If you find yourself conflicted by what you’re hearing or reading, then stop and check it out.

Even though we will be releasing more articles on this series, you are under NO obligation to complete them in the timeframe that we release them.

In fact, I really encourage you: don’t try to do that! All the archives will be here. They’re not going anywhere.

The important objective for you with God is to give yourself permission to not only read these, but to allow time for an encounter with the Truth in the person of Jesus Christ.

Pay attention to what rises up in your heart towards the Lord as you read.

Is it gratitude? Astonishment? Relief? Joy? Affirmation?

If you feel overwhelmed by the wonder of it all, push the “pause” button and take the time just to stop and worship. Let your heart go out towards Him in thanksgiving and rejoicing. Don’t let those moments pass you by. Engage with Him in them!

We hope you enjoy this series of upcoming articles based around the Nature of Freedom series on BTV. There’s a lot of gold to unearth together here.



The full teachings on Brilliant TV include a lot more transformative content, check it out! 😊