It has been no secret that I have been battling with a severe illness since 2009. This is a two-part condition from a virus in 2009 that fried some of the nerve endings in my body resulting in constant inflammation of joints and muscles, and also contracting type 2 diabetes which exacerbates the pain problem.

The recovery program includes targeted insulin treatment plus a nutrition and exercise regime with resting periods for recuperation.

The constant physical demands of conferences, traveling and different time zones have all taken a heavy toll on my body. The levels of constant pain vary between moderate to severe daily. My capacity to recover from events and travel is taking longer.

I love prayer for healing. I have received prayer from dear friends in the ministry. I joyfully present myself to the Lord each day. He has been my keeper for six years and I am delighted with that relationship. I could not be happier with my life in Jesus than I am at this present time. Through an act of love I have been given the means to be able to take some time out to receive specialist treatment for my condition. From August 10th, 2015 I have cancelled some parts of my schedule for the remainder of this year and will have a different schedule for the whole of 2016.

There are some long-term projects that I will seek to maintain by God’s grace because they are at significant places in their Kingdom development. Those will be up on our website for 2015 and 2016 as a revised schedule.

I regret very much the difficulties this will cause for some churches and ministries, many of whom are dear friends. My desire is to be around for the long haul. There are many dreams and prophecies, desires and plans yet to be fulfilled. All of which will involve a fight in terms of opposition and pressure. I intend to be fit and ready for all of those engagements.I will take this time to meditate and write as I pursue my program for physical recovery.

With love and peace in Jesus,
Graham Cooke