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Living on a Higher Place

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A New And Living Way.

Newness of Life means that we are never stuck in our old responses, mindsets or habit patterns.  There is always a gift of the Lord available every day and in every situation.

If you want to have a better or different year than the one you’ve just had, then it’s imperative to not travel forward with any mistakes or defeats.

However, we can learn from them and embrace the provision of God for a more excellent way.  We can experience His goodness, encounter His power and prosper in His passion for us.

The old man of the flesh keeps you down.

The New Creation in Christ always takes you higher

It’s possible to make several years of growth in 2020!

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Hello, everyone. 

This is the time of year when we are focused on looking ahead.

We want to have a better or a different year to the one that just became history.

To do that we must lay down any areas of our life from last year that did not produce growth.

The essence of being present/past is that we carry our mistakes forward. We bear our defeats in our vision, mindset, and language.

The first thing we must do with the Lord is be honest about what we are not and ask for help.

God will always be the same to us. From the beginning, He wanted a people for Himself. To empower them to become like Him. 

He wants a relationship that would elevate us into a high place of His affection.

We are created in Christ, with God’s DNA, restored to full working order. So that like Him and regardless of circumstances, we can taste His goodness, know His power and prosper in His passion for us.

For that to happen consistently, we must embrace the Truth that Father, Son, and Holy Spirit love us in the same way they love each other.

We live in Their light as They train us in righteousness, which is a prime gift of our fellowship with each One.

On this journey into a new and living way, it is vital to know as a reality that the Father has made all His provision available to us in Jesus. We have no lack.

One of our goals, therefore, must be to stop waiting for our needs to be met before we do something.

Instead, we are learning to step into His promises and own them as His reality.

Beloved, if it is God’s intention to joyfully initiate everything He wants us to have; then we are learning to purpose with Him in the same joy as we respond.

This is how we grow up in all things in Christ. He is in us showing us His way, Truth and Life.

There is always, ALWAYS, a gift available every day and in every life situation.

Newness of Life means that we are never stuck in our old responses, mindsets or habit patterns.

Today, realize that He is making all things new.

What is the one thing you want to lose from your life?

What is the one thing from the Spirit that you would love to replace it with?

A new and living way means that every day, and in all our life issues, we are in the business of learning to see, think, speak, walk and act from a higher place than the world around you.

You belong to the Kingdom. Christ in you means that you live in the same realm that He occupies.

All of Heaven is attracted to Jesus in you. THAT is the Truth that sets you free.

You live in a realm with Him that is vastly superior to the world around you.

It is time to stop being preoccupied with the world around you that is problem-centered and performance-oriented.

It is time this year to begin to live and move from the realm within you where Christ lives.

In Him, we live and move and have our being. Christ in you is the expectation of God’s goodness and kindness.

Jesus within is the most full extent of your favor. All that He has is yours. It’s time to have a conversation with God about moving from measure into fullness.

Upward motion and the upgrades that come with it are a part of upstairs thinking.

Colossians 3:1-3 uses this language.

“If then you were raised with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God. Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth. For you died and your life is hidden with Christ, in God.”

When we set our mind on earthly thinking, we become problem-focused.

In Christ, our thoughts are elevated to the state of recognizing that problems now become possibilities in Jesus.

This is possible because the old you is dead and a new you is present in Jesus.

Problems now exist to elevate you into who Jesus is for you. His expectations of the Father now become yours!

We are partners in expectation.

This year you can be delivered from the virus of religious performance.

When you know the delight that God has in Christ, in you; and you in Christ, you can receive the gift that cannot be earned. It’s a gift!

Follow the same pattern of life that Jesus had with the Father.

He was focused on the Father totally. He only did and said what His Father was doing and saying.

He moved through the world easily because He was focused on the Kingdom within.

Jesus is our inheritance in all things!

Beloved, you change the fastest when you see God’s unchanging heart for you.

The unchanging heart and the unchanging word become the places where you can learn with unchanging confidence.

You are accepted in God so that you can learn how to abide in Him.

You can no longer be double-minded about God’s life in you and His intention for you.

God will never forsake you but if you do not want to practice life in Christ, then His presence will not carry the reality that He wants for you.

Partnering with the Holy Spirit and Jesus produces a strong conviction of the power in a new and living way.

The Father is faithful to Jesus in you. So is the Holy Spirit. 

In partnership you partake of the same faithfulness and that is how you remain true to God.

He gives you what you need to have and you become those things by receiving the gift and learning with the Holy Spirit how to walk in it.

This is the year of your rising. You cannot cling to a perception of yourself that partners with the world, the flesh and the devil.

Instead, you learn the ways of the Kingdom by partnering in Christ with the Spirit.

Everything Jesus spoke or did is an invitation for us to be with Him in the same possibility.

“As He is so are we in this world!”

This year it’s time to move away from measure and embrace God’s provision.

Pick up your permissions in Christ and steward them.

Our learning is about translating our knowing what to do into doing what we know!

Be authentic.

God is not interested in what you think you cannot do but in what you are willing to do because Christ is in you.

You cannot make a difference if you are focused on your weakness.

We follow the Spirit…He does not follow us. This is the year of being led.

This year your trust and faith will rise to the level of His expectation as you joyfully include Jesus in all things.

The Holy Spirit generates the consistency you need. It’s in His nature to empower and elevate.

Ask Him!

Everything Jesus speaks within us is designed to increase our joy in Him and His joy in us to the place of fullness.

Joy will provide strength whenever you need it.

So, this year you must live from a new and living way. God has no restrictive labels on you so removing old mindsets of hopelessness is a good place to begin.

You were chosen by God. That is our privilege of encounter.

This year, step up and step in. Let God’s intentionality for you become your place of focus.

The new man in Christ always takes you higher…the old man of the flesh keeps you down.

In Christ is where vision, thinking, and speaking gets upgraded to the new, true places of belonging.

God is our habitation. He lives in us by desire and delight. We live in Him the same way. It’s called reciprocal abiding.

You are at your most “real” when you practice abiding in Christ.

Newness of life is already yours. It’s in you. Time to let it out!

This is your year of focus on the new and living way.

It is possible to make several years of growth in 2020. Let your vision become as focused as the eyes of God on you.


May you process with Joy all that God has set aside for you in 2020.

Thanks for listening.

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