The following is an excerpt from Deeper Truth which is part of Graham’s teaching A Certain Sound, and will give context to the Brilliant Story below:

“You need to be able to tune out the voices that are not helpful and tune in the voices that will really sustain you on the journey ahead..

This is a hard thing to say, guys, but there are voices out there in the Christian world that will not help us to grow up in all things in Christ. I would say probably these last few days you’ve come face-to-face with a number of things that maybe you need to unlearn. Unlearning is a major part of growing up.

There are things that we’ve been taught that we’re actually reassessing and reevaluating right now. There are truths that we were familiar with for years and now we’re realizing that there are actually deeper truths than those. We’re coming to terms with a deeper truth and a deeper expression of spirituality.”

A Brilliant Story from Riekie –

I was really feeling I needed to ask for funds for a trip coming up soon to Israel with Aglow, but I had not asked as you don’t do that sort of thing. Anyway, I had a breakthrough just this morning when a friend said she had some money for me but I needed to ask for it. So, I sent the email asking others and have received positive feedback almost immediately.

Then I decided to listen to ‘Deeper Truths’ from Graham and I feel so overwhelmed at God’s goodness as I heard Graham say, “you need to unlearn. Unlearning is a major part of growing up.” I have unlearned some stuff today and seen the fruit almost immediately.

Bless you all!

Bless you right back Riekie 🙂   Thank you for sharing your story of “unlearning” an old mindset and stepping into the deeper truth that sometimes you can ask for what you need and step out in faith that God will provide it.