As believers, our confidence is a lifestyle that emanates out of our Spirit.  It’s like an internal atmosphere that always abides with God because He did not just come to visit you on the day of your salvation.. He came to dwell inside your heart, forever.  

Abide in Him, and He will abide in you

JOHN 15:1-11

Confidence is part of our inheritance with the Father, and joy is the abiding atmosphere of Heaven. The key thing about abiding is that we represent Christ in all the areas of our development. The brilliant thing is, as we are learning to grow up in God and learning about His nature, we actually get to represent that to other people!

In my article last week (check out the article here) I talked about how connecting to God’s love and goodness can make it easier for us to be overflow with the fruits of the spirit, and it is out of the overflowing that we will have the most impact on the world around us.

By abiding in Him, you can learn how to stand in prayer and intercession, how to challenge and contend for things and how to step back into His presence and let his deep affection for you heal you and fill you up.  It’s so important that God is your refuge as well as your fortress. He is your place of safety.

God opens doors that no man can shut, and He shuts doors that no one can open. So in Jesus’ name, I shut the door to all negativity, all forms of abuse and negativity in your life. I shut the door, and I declare that you have a fortress in you that will never be taken, and you will not become victim to those things that historically have overwhelmed you.


Abiding with the Father is a gift.   God will not be content until you are living in fullness and abundance;  until you are free of every shackle and until you are living in the completion of who Jesus is for you.

He is your rock, your fortress and your deliverer.

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