Friend, what does the fullness of God look like to you?

For me, it does not involve living a mediocre life filled with sub-par conditions. This is exactly the opposite of what it means to be in Christ and to be marked by the Father’s intentionality.

Mediocrity and fullness cannot co-exist together.

Thankfully, we have been given the latter in Christ. To experience a lifestyle of fullness, we must learn to look for the upgrades: the areas of our lives that God is filling with His promises and provisions.

In Christ, we are living from our promises not our circumstances.

We have found stability in the nature of WHO HE IS. This brings us into a place of fullness, victory, and partnership with Him.

We get to become over-comers. He sees us become more Christlike. It’s a brilliant relationship!

If interested in learning more about His intentionality to bring you into fullness, spend some time on this short meditation written from God’s point of view. You may be surprised at the upgrades that are available to you when you step into your partnership with Him.

Life in fullness brings you to a life lived above your circumstances and not beneath them.

Being in Christ enables you to have victory in the present but also to learn to walk with Us and be ready for the future that is already here or close by. You learn by the Spirit to look ahead and plan longer term. You also realize that some situations cannot be resolved in a few days or weeks. In those circumstances your development is part of a long-term program of upgrading your identity and cultivating the trust, wisdom and growth necessary to becoming an overcomer.

Our real passion, though, is to eventually combine present victory with ongoing overcoming, and produce in you the identity of being “more than a conqueror.” Beloved, there are some battles that are won by absolute majesty. This is not just Us fighting for you but also you partnering with Us in a dynamic way that causes the enemy not to risk his resources in a conflict with you.

That all sounds wonderfully important and grand, doesn’t it? And so it is! After all, you cannot be in Christ and be ordinary, right? You cannot be filled with the Spirit and be mediocre. We are making you like Us! We are amazing.

Remember there are no limits on your experience of His fullness. I’m excited for all the upgrades you are about to encounter!

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