On our last podcast (Episode #93) we featured content from our featured challenge that was titled: The Way God Walks With Us.

In these three-day challenges Graham gives wonderful teachings and insights and on the third day he typically ends with a prophetic word and then he spends time breaking down and unpacking that prophetic word for the remainder of the day. These prophetic words have become a really popular part of our challenges, and for good reason! They carry God’s heart and are spoken in the tone of His love, His gentleness, His kindness. It’s as if you can hear the Father himself, speaking directly to your spirit as you listen to the words..

We encourage you to set your mind and set your heart in a place of receiving. Open up to what God has for you; allow Jesus to lavish His love on you and allow the Holy Spirit to carry and convey the goodness of heaven…

May you be richly blessed!

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