There is no sacred and secular, there is only life in the Spirit. Everything we do and say is within the same realm. In order to better acknowledge this holy union, we concentrate on being alive to God more than dead to ourselves. We focus on being led by the Spirit more than trying to avoid certain situations.

And there is a beautiful consequence.

That is, when we focus on God, we no longer find ourselves in displeasing circumstances. We begin to grasp the idea that God created life to be enjoyed, and that He is moving through everything. We begin to notice how He is always touching lives, whether they belong to Him or not. We suddenly notice the footprint of His Kingdom in all sorts of odd places. We start to smell the fragrance of His Presence in both the most common and uncommon of situations. He is truly everywhere.

Remember this, because when we say that some things are sacred and others are not, we are cutting down the territory that God loves to move in.

The truth is His creativity is unfettered. You will find Him in the same marketplace as the heathen, the atheist, and the agnostic. He will put His own music into their world and his own images onto their movie screens. He will use all people, as well as His own.

We share an important secret.

He is the King of love and an absorbing inspiration to everyone, everywhere. Please don’t assign Him a territory to suit your religious beliefs. Instead, learn the joy of seeing His footprints everywhere. Detect the fragrance of His Presence even on the most surprising of people. It will make your day, and it will make Him smile.

It’s a holy and important secret, and we share it with Him.


P.S. What’s one person or situation that you need a more brilliant perspective on today? How can we find God’s footprints in it’s midst?