God knows when you do something for the first time, you are going to make a mistake. The fascinating thing with Him is He doesn’t call it a mistake, He calls it learning because He knows you haven’t done it before.

The first time you do something, you can’t make a mistake. You can only learn!

(Now, if you do the same thing three or four times and fail to learn…that’s a mistake that needs some attention.) But when you’re entering into new territory; when you’re practicing something in a new way—all your learning is covered by grace.

All of your missteps, errors and gaps are under the blood of Jesus. That is a win-win! It’s like “You win,” and then “You win again!” That’s what grace is.

Grace is the empowering presence of God that enables you to become the person that He sees when He looks at you.

What does that mean?

When God looks at you, He sees something different than what you see.

God sees you complete in Christ. He sees you in fullness. He sees you made in the image of Jesus. Why? Because He put you into Christ.

When God looks at you, He doesn’t see anything wrong with you because He put all those things that were wrong with you onto Jesus on the cross.

He only sees what’s missing in your experience of Him, and He has every intention of providing it.

God took everything that was not right about you—not just your sins. He took all your negativity, lack of peace, anxiety, worries, fears… everything that was against you. He took it all away from you, and He put it onto Jesus.

So, never try to hide from God. Learn to come to Him, expecting to receive His gift for your missing pieces.

Don’t focus on what you are not, because what we focus on, we empower. Focus on the gift of God for whatever missing pieces you discover.

Every day your prime objective is to learn how to receive what is God’s good pleasure to give you.

Receiving all that He has to give should be our greatest challenge, not our lack. So, what does God have to give you today that He wants you to receive?

Many people are willing to receive a measure of God’s goodness, kindness, joy, peace—whatever it is that we need. But fullness messes with our heads!

If you are going to be made into the image of Jesus, you’re going to need to have an enormous capacity to receive, because He has an enormous amount of Himself to give you!

Beloved, we don’t want to receive just a little of God in our learning, because then, we will only be able to portray Him to the world in mediocrity. Love the learning. Love the receiving. Love having your capacity for His goodness, grace and majesty expanded beyond all logic and reason.

God adores seeing you live the life He gave everything for you to have. The world needs powerful ambassadors of the Kingdom who have freely received, so that they can freely give.

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