Life in the Spirit is about who we are becoming in Jesus. We have to think in terms of who are we going to become? How do we upgrade our identity for the things that we’re doing and who we want to be the situations we’re in? It’s easy for us to become discouraged about who we are in the here and now, but God speaks from our future into our present.

There’s a process we follow with the Lord and that’s our training ground. Everything between where we are now and who God says we are and are becoming is a training ground to our upgraded self. Every situation, every difficult person, every obstacle it’s all about becoming that person. We are cultivating our identity.

He sees something about us that He’s working towards, and it’s really important that we see the same things about ourselves. We don’t have a limited identity. That’s not who we are in the Kingdom. The Kingdom sees us in the context of fullness. So when God speaks from the future to us, there’s a quality of assurance that comes with it. He doesn’t lie.

If God speaks from beyond our present and is standing in our future, isn’t it time that we understood it? Isn’t it time that we stepped into it and began partnering with God? This is our starting place.

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