When we spend time in thanksgiving, and rejoice in the nature of God, the natural by-product is that we grow in faith and trust. Therefore, Beloved, it follows that if you want to grow in maturity as a Believer, you will need to increase your level of rejoicing.

Trust is the evidence of the presence of God. There are some days when you can’t feel the presence of God with your emotions, and that is where you must learn trust.

We know that anything is possible with God, but in this world so often we are conditioned to expect hardship and difficulty. We often choose stress out of habit and it feels impossible to break out of that rut and choose something better.

But my question to you is, what if it’s not hard? What if we don’t buy into the lie that the battle in overcoming is long and hard. Beloved, the battle belongs to the Lord. 

These are old mindsets that belong to your old man, you know, the one that died with Christ. The new mindset you are growing into as a new creation in Christ, is one of trust and faith, even when you can’t feel it. The Lord is in the battle, and we are in Him.

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