Graham Cooke


Everything You Need is Waiting

[Listen on iTunes] SUMMARY: God is not only with us and in us, but He has gone before us. We aren’t wondering IF God has made provision for us, we are looking to see where it is. He lives outside of time and has prepared whatever it is that we…


How Are You Traveling?

Podcast Watch on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2CgLjXo8ts&t=3s We are a little over halfway through 2019 and it’s time to check in and see how you are traveling in this Year of Permission. This message, delivered at the beginning of 2019, is full of God’s promises and purpose.  He has gone before you…


Love the Learning.

**This week’s podcast is from special guest, and long-time friend and creative partner, Allison Bown.** This week I’m excited to share with the Brilliant community several keys that have been vital in my relationship with the Lord. I am going to talk about, “Loving the Learning.” Ever get that feeling…


Being Stuck Isn’t a Concept God Has Pt. 2

[Listen on iTunes] Previously, we discussed the concept of not being stuck, simply on pause and the invitation that God is extending towards us to upgrade our perspective on our circumstances. We don’t need to expend enormous amounts of energy trying to get unstuck, we can come to the Father…


Being Stuck Isn’t a Concept God Has.

[Listen on iTunes] Have you ever become frustrated in your journey where you feel you just can’t move on? Where you take two steps forward and one step back? Where you just feel stuck?  It’s a common feeling and perception. We can easily assume it is our job to get…


God Is Not Working On Your Flaws.

When you think about yourself, what do you think about? What do you see? Do you see someone who is valued, growing and overcoming? Or do you see every fault, every flaw, and every area where you are lacking? The idea that you are not able to be used by…


Everyone’s Advertising Something.

If we spend time really listening to people, we start to recognize that every word and action is revealing something about that person. They’re advertising what is within them. We all do it. Everyday. So what are you advertising? What you think about what you believe about yourself is what…


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