Graham Cooke


Expectation. A Place of Joyful Anticipation – Part 2

Hope is the confident expectation, leading to anticipation with joy. This is how God wants you to experience Him on your journey.  You’re already free. All you’re doing now is discovering the extent of that freedom.  Your freedom is not in doubt; it is a gift. Holiness is a gift….

Your Dues Have Already Been Paid.

It’s time to move into the favor and promises of the Lord over our lives by no longer being weighed down by negativity.  Fear, doubt, and unbelief do not have a place in our hearts or minds because Jesus paid a price for them to be completely removed. Where the…

Why Make New Year’s Resolutions When You Can Do This!

 (This video is the full episode from this week’s Brilliant TV mentoring track.  To celebrate the New Year, I wanted to share it with you. Enjoy!) What if 2018 was your year for creating a rhythm for living which produced tremendous transformation in your life and your walk with…

The Holy Spirit Has More Gifts Than You Know This Christmas.

 (This is a clip called the Responsive Life, episode 10 of Radical Permission 1 on Brilliant TV. You can watch the full series here.) We all have many situations going on in our lives, some with pressing needs and unknown outcomes. But what if for every situation, we were…

What Are the Gifts that You Haven’t Collected?

There are unclaimed upgrades all over our lives. They are the perfect solution for all negativity and we get to collect these upgrades as gifts. They are especially available when we find ourselves dealing with anxiety, fear, and panic because these reactions don’t belong to our new man in Jesus….

Feeling Stuck in Your Life, Relationships or Calling?

 (This is an introduction to the Getting Unstuck Immersion: A 14 day journey to get back on track with the life God has for you! Learn more here.) Sometimes life can overtake us. We are too busy working, surviving, or living week to week. The end result: we get…

Why We Don’t Need to Invite God Into Our Weakness.

What would change for us if, instead of calling God down into our weakness—we allowed Him to elevate us into the strength and power of His perspective? Processing our lives through the mind of the old man changes nothing for us. It’s impossible to recognize and hear truth when we…

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