Graham Cooke


Expectation. A Place of Joyful Anticipation – Part 2

Hope is the confident expectation, leading to anticipation with joy. This is how God wants you to experience Him on your journey.  You’re already free. All you’re doing now is discovering the extent of that freedom.  Your freedom is not in doubt; it is a gift. Holiness is a gift….

God Has No Bad Thoughts Towards Us.

God is remodeling our lives by renewing us into our new man in Christ. In this process, He is deeply passionate about walking with us to restore our thinking and develop new mindsets rooted in our identity in Him. Even though we have all grown up in the world, which…

Get Unstuck by Experiencing your Freedom in Christ.

 Do you ever find yourself expecting less instead of more? Oftentimes, we can get stuck in the struggle of life, anticipating life on earth will be hard and that relief is reserved only for heaven. But we don’t have to stay in these needless, senseless pitfalls that leave us…

Communicating the Heartbeat of God.

[Listen on iTunes] SUMMARY:  If you’re going to move in the prophetic and be the voice of the Lord to people, you need to understand that you are representing the very NATURE of God. You are communicating more than just words; you’re communicating a passion and a heartbeat. As a…

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