Graham Cooke


Expectation. A Place of Joyful Anticipation – Part 2

Hope is the confident expectation, leading to anticipation with joy. This is how God wants you to experience Him on your journey.  You’re already free. All you’re doing now is discovering the extent of that freedom.  Your freedom is not in doubt; it is a gift. Holiness is a gift….

Grace: Making The Presence of God Real and Tangible In Your Life.

Grace is more than just a safety net or fallback plan. Grace makes the presence of God real and tangible. It’s meant to go before us so we can move forward with confidence.  When everything around us is collapsing, Grace allows us to stand. Instead of striving, Grace empowers us…

Love the Learning.

**This week’s podcast is from special guest, and long-time friend and creative partner, Allison Bown.** This week I’m excited to share with the Brilliant community several keys that have been vital in my relationship with the Lord. I am going to talk about, “Loving the Learning.” Ever get that feeling…

God’s Dream for You.

In today’s clip, I start out by reading a small section from my book, The Nature of Freedom. In this section, God reveals His heart and His dream of making us in His image so that we will see Him, ourselves and our circumstances the way that HE sees it….

Being Stuck Isn’t a Concept God Has Pt. 2

[Listen on iTunes] Previously, we discussed the concept of not being stuck, simply on pause and the invitation that God is extending towards us to upgrade our perspective on our circumstances. We don’t need to expend enormous amounts of energy trying to get unstuck, we can come to the Father…

How You Are Known In Heaven.

Everything the Father does is relational. He doesn’t do anything outside of relationship with His Son. He placed us into Christ and Christ into us so we could have the same covenant relationship with Him as He does with His Son.  We are the focus of His love. It’s the…

Being Stuck Isn’t a Concept God Has.

[Listen on iTunes] Have you ever become frustrated in your journey where you feel you just can’t move on? Where you take two steps forward and one step back? Where you just feel stuck?  It’s a common feeling and perception. We can easily assume it is our job to get…

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