Graham Cooke

artists brushes and oil paints on wooden palette. Vintage stylized photo of paintbrushes closeup and artist palette. palette with paintbrush and palette-knife

#OneYearChallenge MONTH FIVE

Do not carry over the weight of yesterday into this day. Give it up to the Lord and allow Him to refresh your heart and your spirit. This is essential to understanding how to achieve longevity in the renewal of your mindset.  Afterall, how can you have a renewed mind…


#OneYearChallenge MONTH FOUR

Understanding that you are loved by the Lord can be a profound experience.  All our journeys have been different; some have come with a loving family and a safe environment and some have not.  For many people, the idea of a Father who can be kind, gentle, a protector, a…


#OneYearChallenge MONTH THREE

Congratulations on reaching the end of month 3 of the Fresh Love Every Day #OneYearChallenge! Unpack some of the themes from Fresh Love Every Day with me in this video. Comment below or share your feedback on social media using the hashtag #OneYearChallenge. P.S. Do you have a friend or…


#OneYearChallenge MONTH TWO

Looking back at my 45+ years in ministry, I have wondered sometimes about the longevity of having such a strange and unconventional life.  I have been blessed to travel the world teaching and evangelizing; I have written over 22 books and recorded hundreds of messages and now teach on Brilliant…


#OneYearChallenge MONTH ONE

Make no mistake about it, taking the time for this devotional challenge is a huge step, and that step is directly towards God.  Rest assured Beloved, the Lord sees that effort. The anointing doesn’t begin in your ministry, it begins in your relationship with God. FRESH LOVE EVERY DAY I…


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