Deep down, we all aspire to great things but can easily feel daunted by the process of achieving them. Whether we are experiencing doubt, discouragement, or hopelessness around our dreams, the key is to learn how to raise our level of expectation.

With God, the gap between aspiration and achievement is simply development.

This process begins when we know who Jesus is for us, and it is concluded when we know who we are in Him.

Our life circumstances are teaching us to expect more from God, to choose hope, even when we feel it lacking from our lives. He is continually inviting us to move beyond just wishful thinking and into partnering on a plan to make our dreams, realities. Yet…

Our real battle is with expectation.

Hope is the favorable and confident expectation of good. It gives us the capacity to look forward with assurance and partner with God in the fullness of all He intends for us. This type of thinking causes us to cultivate the power of expectation into a lifestyle in Christ.

This is a place of abiding where God’s enormous, outrageous expectation of goodness towards us may lift us into the place of power and confidence in Him. Having such an encounter with expectation will engulf our circumstances and overwhelm our hearts.

Our life in Him is the triumph of majesty over mediocrity. In this process, the Father is absolutely delighted to make us exactly like Jesus. The Son has paid the price for our elevation and upgrade, and the Holy Spirit is the genius who makes it all work.

They (Father, Son & Holy Spirit) are waiting for us to increase our expectation and upgrade our hope!

And this is exactly what we’ve designed this year’s Brilliant Event, Expectation!, to help us do. We want to commission & equip you to cultivate the power of expectation into a lifestyle in Christ.

For more of what to “expect” from the event, watch the video above!

PS) This is just a sneak peek for what myself & Shawn Bolz will be sharing at Expectation!, our annual Brilliant Perspectives event in Anaheim, CA on October 13-15! Reserve your spot now and get the Early Bird Special Rate!