It only takes a spark to ignite a fire. That flame within us, capable of fueling passion and process, is often reliant on other people to fan it. So the importance of being part of a caring, nurturing community is paramount. Of course the Lord is always ready to help us initiate (everything with Him is “yes” and “Amen” after all!) but being able to see selfless, helpful and honorable behavior in others, especially when it aids another person’s development, is always such a joy that it keeps the fire inside alive.

This is why it’s important to approach leadership and mentorship with brilliance. When you are responsible for helping other people realize their ambitions and follow their dreams, it must become a joy for you to ignite these flames and encourage their growth. It is one thing to lead by example with our actions, but another entirely to lead the way spiritually.

Graham made this point recently:

“False teaching, poor doctrine and unhelpful traditions are the true battleground where we must take action to set Christians free. The best way to fight a legalistic spirit is with the Spirit of Goodness, Kindness, Joy, Rest etc. Tell the truth about Jesus, tell stories against yourself, make people laugh and enjoy the radiant idea of God. Speak in a restful way that allows people to relax.

A legalistic spirit keeps people in a knife-edge of fear, guilt and shame. They become locked down into a place of low self-esteem in Christ, feeling unworthy and not able to approach God. They are sin conscious and do not feel accepted in the Beloved. Often they cannot hear the voice of the Lord for themselves and live largely in a place of passivity on the borders of unbelief. Jesus came to open prison doors and set captives free.”

Everyone is on their own journey, and everyone fights their own battles, so there really aren’t a set of particular rules that you can dictate to somebody in order for them to rise up and live the life they deserve. Being a good leader or mentor is never really about laying down laws and rules upon somebody though. The fruits of the Spirit encourage people to thrive, to flourish and to be set free from the shackles that their past may have attached. Goodness, kindness and joy encourage people to move and progress, and that is the best way to begin a new journey in the Kingdom!

It only takes a spark to ignite a fire. Are you ready to be that spark for somebody? Are you ready to start a fire in a whole group of people, an entire community? Be sure to check out the teaching series Brilliant Mentorship and Brilliant Leadership because these will help you on your way, and are guaranteed to inspire you and the people around you that development begins as soon as you want it to. The time is now.