The Holy Spirit is not elusive, easily offended, or inconstant in His commitment to your growth. He knows you completely and desires to be your close friend. Today, Graham shares three key truths to help unlock a life of sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

1. Always assume the Holy Spirit is present … because He is.

There are places of encounter and experience allotted to you every day. Try and find them. The Holy Spirit is a resident in your life, so don’t treat Him like He’s a visitor. He provides ongoing experiences with the Lord, and He already knows the situations ahead of you where you will need encounters with Him. So by practicing sensitivity, you become sensitive to the place of encounter.


2. Cultivate a lifestyle of always rejoicing.

If worship is not relational, then I’m not really sure what it is. We don’t just worship God in meetings. We go to meetings to gather with other people with one heart, and one mind, and one voice so we can worship corporately. But you are the temple of God. Your chief purpose is worship, adoration, rejoicing, and thanksgiving. A spirit of rejoicing and thanksgiving is essential to sensitivity […] and worship is relational; it is not situational. It’s not just for events and meetings. It’s how we’re meant to live our lives.


3. Actively ask Him questions.

He is the Spirit of disclosure. If you want to know what is coming up in your own life, you need to have a conversation with the One person who knows everything. Jesus said about the Holy Spirit: “He will glorify me, for He will take of mineand will disclose it to you. All things that the Father has are mine. Therefore, I said that He takes of mine and will disclose it to you.” The Holy Spirit is the one who knows everything and can tell you anything.


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