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Previously, we discussed the concept of not being stuck, simply on pause and the invitation that God is extending towards us to upgrade our perspective on our circumstances. We don’t need to expend enormous amounts of energy trying to get unstuck, we can come to the Father and gain His perspective.

I want to expand that thought a bit more today. The Father curates our experience of Himself, not us. It’s not our responsibility to initiate relationship with God. We are responsible for our fellowship with Him, but He is always the initiator. We can never lose our relationship with the Father, because He put Christ into us and us into Christ. The Father is constantly in relationship with His beloved Son, which makes us the beloved as well!

We don’t have to worry about not measuring up. We don’t have to worry about feeling ashamed to ask for the things on our heart because we feel lacking or insignificant. Jesus is significant, and He’s in US! It’s the relationship between the Father and the Son that empowers us to receive God’s Presence and to always trust His heart for us. And we can have faith in His power to touch our life in any particular way.

We can rest in the fact that God has already seen the outcome and already created provision. There’s no need to search for alternate solutions. The only thing required of us as new creations is a level of intentionality with God to ask Him what He is doing and who He wants to be for us. He doesn’t put any time limits on our development. He always sees things as on time. He loves our whole life, not just the long game and He never sees us as stuck. 

He sees our full potential and is 100% dedicated to helping us realize it. So sometimes our process is on pause and He’s expecting us to trust in His nature and step into an upgraded way of traveling with Him. We can live above our circumstances and learn to how to be overcomers in life.

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