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Have you ever become frustrated in your journey where you feel you just can’t move on? Where you take two steps forward and one step back? Where you just feel stuck? 

It’s a common feeling and perception. We can easily assume it is our job to get unstuck before anything changes. But that’s not how the Father works. He is always the initiator.

So, what if you only thought you were stuck. What if you were actually experiencing an invitation from the Father to upgrade your perspective and travel differently? 

God is always prepared. He’s never surprised by our circumstances. Our response is to push into the Spirit, not our problems.

Instead of being stuck, what if we are simply on pause? This single thought has the possibility of changing our perspective on everything. It can shift us from a feeling stuck and helpless to a sense of expectation and intention. What new things are we learning while we are on pause? What aspect of His true nature is He exposing us to? What promises are lying in wait for us?

It incredibly easy to become distracted when we think we’re stuck. It’s even easier to look for alternative solutions and to forget that God has already seen the outcome. 

As new creations in Christ, the only thing required of us is a level of intentionality with Him to ask, “How do you see my situation? Who do You want to be for me?” He doesn’t see us as stuck. He only sees opportunity for growth and relationship. He expects us to trust His Nature and step into an upgraded way of traveling with Him.