.We all have questions for Graham about faith and spirituality… what if you could get his answers instantly?

You can. 

Graham is using artificial intelligence now.

We’ve named it the “Brilliant Bot” ?

That’s right. Pretty wild, huh?

Have you heard of anyone in ministry doing this before?

We haven’t.

I could be wrong, but this may very well be a first in ministry.

It’s the kind of access and help we’ve only dreamed of before.

The initial response has been awesome. 

Dive straight into what you want to learn on:

  • ? Faith and spiritual questions for Graham
  • ? Where to find specific Teachings + Resources
  • ? Brilliant Events
  • ? Customer Service inquiries

Why is this important?

We want the wisdom, insight, and transformational impact of Brilliant and Graham’s words accessible to as many people as possible.

We want the whole Body of Christ set free and opened up to the true, wonderful ways of God.

Watch the video above to learn more! You can use Brilliant Bot on the lower right of this page, or on BrilliantTV.com, or BrilliantBookHouse.com.

Thanks again, for being a part of the Brilliant Community and growing in this family with us.

We’ve loved the journey so far, and can’t wait for what the future holds for us together.

Blessings and joy upon you in Jesus!

Brilliant Community Manager,

Michael Becchio


Use Brilliant Bot on this page, in the lower right, or on BrilliantTV.com, or BrilliantBookHouse.com!