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Behind Brilliant

Behind Brilliant

July 20-22, 2022 – Explore the love, grace and fullness of Jesus with a behind-the-scenes look at Brilliant and exclusive interviews.

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Brilliant Woman

Discover Your Power in God. No matter what. No matter where.

It's Over Series Thumbnail on BTV

Soar Above Your Empty Nest

Join us for 3 sessions designed to equip you for success – Make your empty nester years the best years of your life!

Life Questions Series on BTV

3 Day Challenge - The Secret Place: Learning to Live Where God Lives

God has set you free to think from a place above. Learn how to live in the Secret Place of Christ who lives on the inside of you. What if we could continually live in triumph above our circumstances? No longer living for temporary breakthrough, but experiencing permanent fullness and victory!

Story & Journey Series on BTV

3 Day Challenge - How To Be An Overcomer In Times Of Crisis

Together we released fear, received peace, and learned to rise up in power for such a time as this.

Embracing the Beauty of God Series on BTV

5 Day Challenge - Three + Me

You are not alone when the Lord is with you.

There is no pit so deep that the Lord is not present.

We have the Father, Son and Holy Spirit inside us all the time and you do not have to practice social distancing with the Lord

That’s what Three + ME is all about.

Embracing the Beauty of God Series on BTV

3 Day Challenge - Do You Believe What God Believes About You?

Enjoy Graham and Lindsay’s discussion about how we excel in the midst of life’s most difficult challenges through partnership with God’s living word.

Embracing the Beauty of God Series on BTV

LIVE 2 Day Challenge: Break Free From Negativity

Relational learning is the only way to open the door of breakthrough in your life.

Embracing the Beauty of God Series on BTV

Impartation LIVE Events

Join us for a free preview of Team Brilliant’s new online discipleship group: IMPARTATION. Join now for hands-on guided live discussions focused on heart learning.

Embracing the Beauty of God Series on BTV

LIVE Challenge: The Prime Place of Engagement with God

Embrace your new, true identity in Jesus that places you fully in the presence of God. Knowing God’s heart for you is where we learn and practice the beauty of who we are becoming in Jesus. Welcome to the Prime Place of Engagement with God!

Embracing the Beauty of God Series on BTV

LIVE Challenge: Expectation - The Power in Taking God for Granted

Expectation is a normal part of presence. In Christ, we live in the same realm of goodness and favor that Jesus always enjoyed with the Father.
The One who knows you the best, loves you the most!
Embracing the Beauty of God Series on BTV

LIVE 3 Day Challenge: Praying With God

Prayer is one of the great benefits of life as a New Creation in Christ! In this Challenge, we want to inspire, teach, and coach you in this joyful, relational, and compelling life of prayer.

Embracing the Beauty of God Series on BTV

LIVE 3 Day Challenge: Creating a Devotional Lifestyle with God

Discover the marvelous way God works with you!
God’s primary purpose is to engage with your true identity in Christ so you can become like Him. His desire is to transform the way you see and think about yourself and about Him, until it is as marvelous as the way He sees and thinks.
Embracing the Beauty of God Series on BTV

2 Day Masterclass: The Role of The Prophetic In Chaotic Times

In our world today, prophecy is often misunderstood and even abused, but we believe that prophecy is centered on restoring confidence, trust, and faith in who God is for each and every one of us. Prophecy destroys oppression, and releases people into favor, fullness and expectation!

Embracing the Beauty of God Series on BTV

3 Day Challenge: The Art of Awareness - Tuning Into Your Real Life

Today, Graham and Lindsay share 3 key beliefs that will cultivate a lifestyle of sensitivity and awareness to God in our daily lives. Together, we will discover what it means to be alive to God and develop a greater sensitivity to His presence.

Embracing the Beauty of God Series on BTV

3 Day Challenge: Power to Prevail

Freedom is not confined to what we are freed from. Freedom must be seen in light of who we are now free to become. Discover how the nature of freedom causes you to live with a constant and consistent awareness of Christ’s life in you, and explore the power you have in Jesus to prevail in all your circumstances.

Embracing the Beauty of God Series on BTV

3 Day Challenge: Breaking The Mold

Everyday, in each circumstance, you are being trained to live from your new man identity in Christ, not the old. When you realize who you are in Him and who He is for you, that oneness and unity breaks every power against you.

Embracing the Beauty of God Series on BTV

3 Day Challenge: The Way God Walks With Us

God is constantly faithful to His primary purpose, which is to make us in His image and likeness.
You were created to think the way God thinks; to see yourself and the world around you as He sees it, and to respond as Jesus would in any life situation.Your transformation into the image of God is His passion and His absolute delight.
Embracing the Beauty of God Series on BTV

The Missing Key that Changes Everything

This event explores an entirely different form of learning and growing with God, which is distinct from what most of us have learned in Christianity. It doesn’t change our faith at all or the Scriptures, but it does produce a radically different approach that is very freeing, empowering, and leads to true and lasting transformation. Let’s dive in together!

Embracing the Beauty of God Series on BTV

Keys of the Kingdom

Join Team Brilliant for a special time to discuss the power of keys in our lives. Keys are gifts from God that will bind and loose any situation that you may face in the world. Keys tell us the way that God wants to walk with us and are vital for the life that God has called you into!


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Developing Your Destiny

How does God approach developing our destiny? What brings increasing momentum to that journey? Do you see what God sees about your life? And how can we overcome the apparent obstacles, delays and challenges of becoming who He’s called us to be? Join me to learn how God develops our identity and destiny within the context of our relationship with Him… and the mindsets and steps we take together to walk towards the fulfillment of everything He created us to be and do.


The Art of Awareness BTV Series Thumbnail

The Epiphany

I believe we were meant to live a life full of encounters with God. So, in this unique conference, I shared the stories of my journey…and who I discovered God and myself to be because of them. Then, I invited some of my friends to share their experiences in this creative, relational learning experience.


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The Art of Awareness BTV Series Thumbnail

The Marvelous Way God Works with Us

God’s primary purpose is to engage with your true identity in Christ so you can become like Him. His desire is to transform the way you see and think about yourself, and about Him, until it is a marvelous as the way He sees and thinks. This Series is based on Letter #4 of “The Nature of Freedom.”

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Eps 1. Only the Law of Love

Key #1: The Law of Love.

Key #2: (prophetic declaration) Understanding your freedom in Jesus

Eps 2. Dominant Freedom

Key #1: Unlocking truth, locking up the lies

Key #2: Jesus is Big Country.

Eps 3. The Delight of Fullness

Key #1: Fullness, not measure.

Key #2: Fear of Fullness

Eps 4. The Power of Focus

Key #1: God is unchanging in how He loves you.

Key #2: All His wrath/ “negativity” was put on Jesus

Key #3: God is not double-minded.

Eps 5. The Key of Strategic Life Exchange

Key #1: You can’t upgrade death

Key #2: you can’t get to the new you from the old you

Key #3: Renew our thinking to the Mind of Christ.

Key #4: OLD car NEW car analogy

Eps 6. The End of Being Upset with Yourself

Key #1: the value of living in wonder

Key #2: God is giving us His likeness

Key #3: (prophetic declaration) When negativity is present so is My presence.

Key #4: (prophetic declaration) Experience in walking empowers you to run.

Key #4: (prophetic declaration) My will to provide is greater than your ability to acquire.

Eps 7. Unlocking First Love

Key #1: God placed you in His perfect love.

Key #2: First love is the space between the Father and Jesus

Key #3: What draws us out of First Love

Eps 8. The Process Makes You Rich

Key #1: Our devotional lives with God

Key #2: Brilliant questions to ask while journeying

Key #3: Our confidence comes from His consistent nature

Key #4: The Lord’s good outcome is to make us in His image

Eps 9. Identity is the Key to Transformation

Key #1: we use the key of identity to unlock new territory in God

Key #3: Renew your mind by thinking differently.

Key #4: Look for the replacements for lingering negativity.

Key #4: put ON the new part of God’s nature

Eps 10. An Encounter with Majesty – (Prophetic Declaration)

Key #1: Your life-renewal process.

Key #2: Why We gave the Holy Spirit

Key #3: Standing in majesty

Key #4: Yes and Amen cycle of favor

Key #5: End to double mindedness

God's Empowering Presence BTV Series Thumbnail

God's Empowering Presence

Based on Letter #5 of “Nature of Freedom, this Series continues our journey and exploration of the nature of our freedom as new creations in Christ. We’ll explore the empowering presence of God with us, and how His grace gives us the means to live continually in His freedom over our lives.

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Eps 1. Your Starting Point for Grace

Key #1: Connecting to God’s Empowering Presence.

Key #2: The starting point of Grace is the love of the Father

Key #3: Grace opens a safe place for you to learn and to grow up

Key #4: (prophetic declaration) Thank you for letting me love you

Eps 2. Our Gift to You

Key #1: Everything is based on gifts

Key #2: The grace to walk with God is His gift to you.

Eps 3. The First Thing God Empowers Us to Learn

Key #1: The Kind Intentions of God.

Key #2: Your capacity for learning is another gift from God

Key #3: Navigating by the North Star (analogy)

Key #4: Internal and external territory in Jesus

Eps 4. Grace Empowers Us to Stay

Key #1: All life is based on abiding.

Key #2: Grace as our teacher

Key #3: Our response to being trained in grace

Eps 5. Grace Gives a Higher Perspective

Key #1: Receiving God’s Primary Purpose

Key #2: What we magnify

Eps 6. Upgrading our Lens of Grace

Key #1: A new lens of grace.

Key #2: (questions) When you think about Grace…

Key #3: God gives us grace because of who HE is

Eps 7. The Effects of Poor Grace

Key #1: What is Poor Grace

Key #2: God isn’t putting people on trial

Key #3: The Kindness of God leads to repentance

Key #4: Breaking free from Poort Grace

Eps 8. Grace as Confidence

Key #1: Grace is a ruling power.

Key #2: Abundant grace makes faith and love accessible.

Key #3: What stops grace from ruling

Key #4: It starts with seeing yourself in Jesus.

Eps 9. Lavish Grace

Key #1: Embracing the overwhelming nature of grace

Key #2: we live open hearted towards the empowering presence

Key #3: This is not “cheap grace” that takes sin lightly.

Eps 10. Soaking in Grace – (Prophetic Declaration)

Key #1: Living inside out

Key #2: You can come to Me as you are

Key #3: A land of promise

Key #4: We can do anything about anything

Key #5: Everything I have is yours.

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Discovering Encounters - An Invitation to Become Unstuck

Do you ever find yourself expecting less instead of more? Oftentimes, we can get stuck in the struggle of life, anticipating life on earth will be hard and that relief is reserved only for heaven. But that’s not who God is, and He is deeply passionate for you to experience the freedom that He gave everything for you to have. Series based on Based on Letter #7 of “Nature of Freedom.”

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Eps 1. Coming Unstuck from Trying Harder

Key #1: God is the initiator

Key #2: Our response to His invitation

Key #3: Prayer example by Graham

Key #4: Eternal salvation, daily redemption

Eps 2. Liberty from the Limitations of Logic

Key #1: The limiting power of logic and reasoning

Key #2: Encounters and experiences with God are key

Key #3: The process of faith (Hebrews 11:6)

Key #4: Caring vs Worrying

Key #5: Logic and reasoning limit our view of God and ourselves

Eps 3. Freedom from Difficult Expectations

Key #1: Seeing what He sees

Key #2: Developing faith and trust

Key #3: Expecting hardship

Key #4: (prophetic) Dialogue with the Holy Spirit

Eps 4. There’s Something Better than Discipline

Key #1: Our mindset about our relational training

Key #2: Changing our starting point

Key #3: (prophetic) You are bigger than you know

Eps 5. Coming Unstuck from Religious Mindsets

Key #1: The nature of religion

Key #2: The truth about being in Christ

Key #3: Old covenant ended, New covenant began

Key #4: (picture) God making covenant with Jesus

Eps 6. The End of Working on the Wrong Things the Wrong Way

Key #1: We exert energy into changing our behavior

Key #2: What we focus on, we give power to.

Key #3: The right focus that brings freedom

Key #4: (prophetic) Word of encouragement

Eps 7. Unstuck from Earth to See from Heaven

Key #1: An awareness of His presence

Key #2: Practicing the presence of God

Eps 8. Discipleship that Keeps Us Unstuck

Key #1: The power of discipleship

Key #2: Discipleship sees every circumstance as a learning opportunity

Key #3: Systematic learning versus relational learning

Eps 9. Romans 7: It’s not You!

Key #1: Romans 7 in context

Key #2: God is not in two minds about you

Key #3: (prophetic) God’s response to the old

Eps 10. Don’t Get Stuck in the State You’re In

Key #1: What is true is not always the Truth.

Key #2: God doesn’t consider your state.


Keys to Personal Encounter Series on BTV - Thumbnail

Keys to Personal Encounter

Graham teaches on what it looks like to be committed to slow learning as he asks the Brilliant Community, who we are becoming? Where we are now? What we have learned and what we are currently practicing? Take time to really assimilate what you’ve learned with the Holy Spirit.

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Key #1: Made in His image

Key #2: Keys to new experiences in God

Key #3: Which keys have we been given?

Key #4: Questions to ask the Lord about your new key

The Way God Walks with Us BTV Series Thumbnail

The Way God Walks With Us

Is your process of development as delightful for you as it is for God? Religion has routinely taken learning that was meant to be joyful and buried it under striving to earn God’s affection and approval. But what if all your learning was centered around the joy of the Lord in you?

Welcome to the relational, delightful process of development that God has always desired to have with you. It’s a living and light way of traveling with the One who knows you best and loves you the most.

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Eps 1 – You’re Accepted

Key #1: We start from a place of acceptance in the Beloved

Key #2: God only has one way of walking with us

Key #3: (prophetic) What is Acceptance?

Key #4: (prophetic) I will never…

Key #5: (prophetic) Peace in the learning process

Key #6: (prophetic) The power of repentance in your learning

Key #7: (prophetic) Choose your response to how We walk with you

Key #8: (prophetic) Free from performance

Eps 2 – How God Sees Our Learning (PART 1)

Key #1: God’s perspective of your learning

Key #2: Slow learning is great learning

Key #3: Impatience is never required in our learning

Key #4: Transformation through the heart, not head

Eps 3 – How God Sees Our Learning (PART 2)

Key #1: Less is often more

Key #2: God walks with us in rest

Key #3: Only assess growth through evidences of transformation

Eps 4 – How God Sees Our Learning (PART 3)

Key #1: Joy is the major part of process

Key #2: The Present – Past is our living space:

Key #3: The Present-Now is our work space

Key #4: The Present- Future is our storage space

Key #5: The role of the Holy Spirit in your development

Key #6: The Lord is our Keeper

Key #7: Victory is exponential

Eps 5 – Power Strands of Process

Key #1: God’s primary purpose

Key #2: Catching the new, letting go of the old

Key #3: Leading with your thinking

Key #4: Leading with your emotions

Key #5: Leading with your vision

Eps 6 – Process is Developed in Identity

Key #1: Learn in process, live in identity

Key #2: transformation vs self-improvement

Key #3: The process has 3 areas of fellowship

Key #4: His primary purpose.

Key #5: (example) A Negative lifestyle

Key #6: God builds on who He is

Eps 7 – Beholding and Becoming

Key #1: Human BEing

Key #2: Human DOing

Key #3: The process of a devotional lifestyle

Key #4: Receiving newness of life each day

Key #5: (prophetic word) Press in through worship

Eps 8 – The Eyes of Expectation

Key #1: Seeing with new eyes and expecatations

Key #2: Understanding vs Knowledge

Eps 9 through 18 –  (In Process…)