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In our life empowered by the Spirit, there are four relationships between favor and promise. Favor closes the gap between promises given and promises fulfilled, and is the catalyst for the promises of tomorrow to impact our relationship with God today.


  • Promises lift us up so that we become aware of God’s heart towards us.
  • Promises upgrade our relationship with God and our identity.
  • Promises partner with favor to disempower disappointments.
  • Favor is the catalyst for the promises of tomorrow to impact our relationship with God today.


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When God goes before us, one of the key deposits He makes are His promises. How do His promises for tomorrow, impact our favor for today? Hi, I’m Graham Cooke. And in this episode of constant continuous favor, we’re going to discover how to recognize them partner with the promises of God as part of a growing lifestyle of favor. 

We’re going to look at four primary relationships between favor and promises. Because wherever favor manifests, a promise will always be present. First, promises lift us up, so that we become aware of God’s heart towards us. They help us recognize that He’s in our story. And we’re sharing a journey with Him. 

The Bible is a book of encounters, that leads us into an ongoing experience of God’s nature, so that we become like Him. 

It’s the story of God’s intervention with men and women. Of how He broke into people’s lives, made Himself known and taught them how to walk with Him. If you’re in a bad part of your story, right now, it’s helpful to realize your life is a book. And this is just a chapter. It’s not the entire story. Start thinking about what you want the next chapter to be about, and how to finish this one well. Learning everything you can so that you don’t have to repeat it. Just saying. 

Our favor in Christ elevates our promises in each part of our story from a place of measure to a place of fullness. When we’re hoping to survive, God plans for us to thrive. We see this in the story of Abraham in Genesis 17. Abraham is simply hoping for God to favor him with a son. But God promises that Abraham will become the father of many nations. That’s an increase. 

The promises of God will call us up to see ourselves and our lives the way that He does. 

Often, people treat God’s word circumstantially, trying to call his promises down into their circumstances, which is okay, but it’s not the fullness of what God has for you. Because the promises of God are designed to lift you up, out of your circumstances, into a heavenly perspective, so you can see something you haven’t seen before. The promise of a son in Abraham and Sarah’s old age was astonishing to him. But God saw his whole story. God had gone before Abraham, and deposited favor to begin a nation, not just start a family. 

Which leads to the second relationship of favor to promises. Promises upgrade our relationship with God and our identity in Him. 

When God gave His promise to Abraham, his identity was upgraded from hoping to be a father to becoming a father of many nations. 

And that’s who God refers to him from that point forward. Even though Abraham and Sarah still don’t have a child yet. God speaks to us according to our identity, based on His promises, of who we are becoming in Him. It may not be true yet, but it is the truth about who we are in Christ. 

Favor replaces all the things that are not working because it tells you who you are. God gives you a promise, so that you can see what He’s really like. And through these encounters, you can become more like Him. Every promise is designed for us to experience Him in a new or higher relationship with us. Between promises given and their fulfillment, are situations that allow us to upgrade our relationship with the Lord. 

What we may see as difficulty, are the very situations that allow Him to be Someone for us that He couldn’t be any other time. 

Thirdly, promises partner with favor to disempower disappointments. Favor closes the gap between promises given and promises fulfilled. And while that process is occurring, favor helps you remember the promises that God has spoken over you. They give us the power of “though and yet.” Though difficulties may be part of the story, yet this is who God has promised to be for us, and who He has promised we can become in Him. 

When circumstances conspire against you, it’s wise to answer with your promises. When you feel like you’re hopelessly behind the time of your own development, favor comes with a quickening spirit. What used to take years can take months. What used to take months can take weeks. What used to take weeks can take days or even hours. favor expands our capacity to go from strolling, to walking, to running with God. Where He sets the pace, and we live and move as He moves. 

The favor of God’s quickening spirit displaces any fear of missing out or taking too long. You’re living in the favor of the Lord. While He might not be operating on your timetable, favor allows you to thrive on His. What seemed like delays in the fulfillment of Abraham’s promises, were for his relational development in becoming the father of many nations. It will be essential for him to learn that God would always be faithful, so that he could become a hero of faith. To not waver in faith, but in faith believed that God will be faithful to perform what He had promised. 

One day. One moment can change everything. When that happens, favor allows you to be ready to run with God. 

Finally, favor is the catalyst for the promises of tomorrow to impact your relationship with God today. The antidote to a person’s past is not to change their present. It’s to give them a brand new future. God is not present-past He’s present-future. He’s dealt with your past in Jesus. He stands in your present. And He says, “I know all these things have happened to you, but let me show you who you’re going to become.” Then He will deal with you according to who He has always seen you to be. He’s not present-past. God is present-future. 

When Jesus paid a visit to Abraham in Genesis 18:17, He says to the angels with Him, “Shall I hide from Abraham what I’m about to do, since Abraham will surely become a great mighty nation. And in Him, all the nations of the earth will be blessed.” What’s happening here? Jesus wants Abraham to know something here, because of who he has a promise of becoming in the future. 

We always have two relationships with the Lord. One is in the present, and one is in the future. And both are absolutely real to Him. 

He loves to be with you in the present, but He loves showing you who you are in the future and talking to you from that place. God isn’t just going to engage with you about your promises and how they impact today. His favor is to talk with us about our future and pull those promises towards our present. Living in our present from the perspective of our promised future. Living present-future. That’s how it works. 

Remember, it’s not what God is talking you out of that’s important. It’s how He uses promises and favor to talk you into who you are and what He intends to be for you, now, and next. If you’re not sure of your promises, God’s given you an entire book of them.

 So go exploring together with Him. If you know your promises, there’s some of you who need to take hold of them in a new way. Somewhere along your journey. Maybe you lost sight of the promises of God or you settle for measure. God wants to move you from measure to fullness in expectation, anticipation, and confidence in His favor. 

So here’s the prayer. I encourage you to pray if you’re in that place. 

“Father, thank You for the promises You’ve deposited in my present and in my future. I accept Your promises are sure and certain, as exceedingly great and precious. I take responsibility for partnering with the Holy Spirit and living in Your empowering presence, to see myself living in my promises fulfilled. I rejoice that in You, Your promises are “yes and amen.” I live in expectation of Your faithfulness and goodness, with a heart fully open to the benefits of Your favor, and my inheritance is a joint heir with Jesus.”

We put a copy of that prayer in the notes. So write it down and begin to pray it with joy and thanksgiving. You can probably write a better one. So if you do share a copy in the comments. You know, we’re always interested in what you’re exploring, what you’re discovering. And as ever, we really appreciate you listening to us. And it’s great for us to know that we’re a part of your story and journey too. Thanks.

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