A letter from Graham,

I have long been fascinated by the role of women both in creation and in their role in the Kingdom. 

Adam was formed first from the dust of the Earth. Eve was created from living tissue! A different type of person representing a gender who was to have a very unique role in the Kingdom; often at critical times, in both Covenants. These were women of courage, faith and persistence. Faithful women who loved and served God often in times of dire need or pivotal moments. 

The world has not been kind to women, which in itself is a huge understatement. In God’s heart they represent both intimacy in relationship and passionate pursuit of meaningful Fellowship with Him. It is vital that women regain that relational territory that belongs to them in the Lord. 

It starts by them understanding what they specifically mean to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. When you know that you are the beloved of God, regardless of background, history and the oppressive nature of culture around the world…then you can rise up in Christ as a new creation, distinct from a worldly norm, yet totally distinctive in their relationship with God in the Kingdom. 

Women are so much more than a support role. In the new covenant many women were instrumental in the spreading of the gospel across mainland Europe in particular. Their lives are a fact of biblical record. Women were empowered to do what otherwise would not have been done. Theirs is a unique and dynamic calling within the Kingdom. 

Discovering Your Power in God…no matter what you’re facing and no matter where you live. Discover the confidence that actually belongs to you in Christ from the inner Presence of Jesus. Learn how to break free from everything that holds you down or keeps you restricted. Enjoy the development process of receiving a powerful lifestyle. 

There are huge permissions, enormous favor and powerful keys that will turn you into a different person. It is time to step into a place of being celebrated and cherished by the Father. To be fully redeemed into your Kingdom lifestyle in who Jesus is for you! To know the moving of the Spirit that defines your role, purpose and destiny as a woman of God.

It is my honor to introduce Theresa Cooke and Liesl Webber.

I can certainly testify that my wife, Theresa, is a live wire! Vibrant in her fellowship with God. She has this acuity of heart, mind and spirit in the Lord. A radical lover of Jesus. A passionate worshipper with a strong, peaceful and joyful spirit. 

She has a relatable passion for people and is much loved in every age group. Her voice, energy and vision play a keen part in Brilliant Perspectives. I love the way she learns in Jesus. I love how unshakably confident she is in God.

Liesl is a lover of Jesus and completely enamored of the Kingdom. She loves to walk in truth, wisdom and revelation. She knows how to rise up when circumstances are against her. 

Liesl brings this vivacity to everything she does. She is so quick to learn. She moves fast and walks effortlessly in her identity in Christ. 

She has a voice, a sound that cuts through the noise in people’s heads and creates a clarity of vision and purpose. 

Both women have demonstrated the evidence of transformation in their own lives. They have traded traditional Christian knowledge for relational learning in Christ. 

Both are key players in BTV and are constantly enjoying the richness of revelation and breakthrough in their life with Jesus.

Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to me share my heart with you about our first ever, women’s event. 

I appreciate it and I hope you will consider joining us in this exciting new venture with The Three!

Live a brave and courageous lifestyle.