Introducing The Soaking Compendium

We are thrilled announce we have a brand new compendium!  The Soaking Compendium! Taking the time to develop your stillness and your prayer life is vital to all believers.  Over the years I have released numerous soaking and devotional soaking messages; designed to be listened to as you rest and…


The Friend that Never Fails

I have often wondered what it was like to gather around David’s campfire and listen to the stories of the Mighty Men. At times, I can almost hear the crackle of the fire, as they recounted the events of the day and dreams of tomorrow. How many campfires over the…


Where We Discover What We’ve Learned

Our daily circumstances always hold a gift of God, whether it’s a wonderful situation or a challenging one. Every day, we have the opportunity to discover how much learning is actually occurring.   Do you believe what God believes about you? Your life circumstances are where you’re practicing the truths…


Maintaining Your Inner Compass

The great thing about journeying with the Lord is that He knows how to keep us day after day in every kind of situation. There is no circumstance, there is no situation, there is no set of events where He does not have the power, not only to keep us,…


The Bridge From Concept To Reality

There’s always a gap from concept to reality in any area of our lives. When we initially hear transformational truth, we often respond with joy. But our initial positive reaction is not a guarantee that the seed taking root in our lives will bear mature fruit (Matthew 13:20-21). How many…


Being True To Your Identity

God has loved you 100% since the moment you were created. Whether your behavior is good or not so good, whether you’re on a road to get closer to Him, moving away or standing still; His love for you remains 100%.  It’s a perfect love. When you change, drawing closer…


Why Is Devotional Time Important?

Life is busy and dreams that we have for ourselves can get pushed to one side.  Sometimes we can feel stuck in a rut, and the monotony of life can feel joyless.  There is no condemnation in this admission, Beloved. It’s part of life and maturity to acknowledge what isn’t…


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