Introducing The Soaking Compendium

We are thrilled announce we have a brand new compendium!  The Soaking Compendium! Taking the time to develop your stillness and your prayer life is vital to all believers.  Over the years I have released numerous soaking and devotional soaking messages; designed to be listened to as you rest and…


Joy Is Who God Is

Joy is who God is; where He lives from; and what He does. He lives in perpetual, everlasting and eternal joy. In His Presence there is fullness of joy. The Father does not give us joy. He gives us Himself. He is absolute joy personified. The atmosphere surrounding God is…


Christ is a Guaranteed Life

We are not given favor because of who we are but because of who Jesus is in the eyes of the Father. His favor is now ours because we have been placed in Him. We are not given favor because of our performance as Christians, but because of our placement…


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