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Amazing moment about butterfly change form chrysalis.

Wipe that slate clean.

When you truly accept that the Lord dwells within you, you begin to understand that the qualities and the nature of God dwell there also.  So when you’re feeling low or downcast, remember the majesty and inheritance from the Father have been given and are available to you. “Never underestimate…


We become what we behold.

As a child you may have heard someone say “this person is a bad influence on you” or “you spend so much time with [so and so], you’re starting to sound like them!” – Well this is one of the areas where what is true in the natural, is true…


See Yourself as Clearly as God Sees You

“Beloved, no criticism, some of us in this room could stand to have an upgrade in our personal spiritual significance. You should be more significant than you are as a person. The reason you’re not significant, I think, is that the enemy has blurred your focus. You don’t see yourself…


Faith Grows Out of Your Experiences.

We have been talking a lot on the blog this summer about the subject of Identity; about how our thinking can shape and affect our experience and in turn shape our identity.  Negative thinking casts a long shadow, and disrupting the cycle of negativity in your mindset can be a tough habit…


Identity Accelerates the Impossible

“It’s impossible!”      “It can’t be done!” How often does our lack of imagination or faith cause us to make the impossible become our truth of convenience?   We take the line of least resistance when we give up without really trying. Thus the impossible becomes merely the untried. When…


The Power Of An Overcoming Mindset

We all have issues and battles in our lives that we either want to overcome, or are in the process of overcoming.  I really believe that there is a stillness, a resilience and a consistency that come with an overcoming mentality. You have to have your eyes fixed on the…


The grace of God is so huge that it covers everything. Everything!

We need to learn to think from that place of fullness and favor. We also need to learn how to pray from a place of fullness and favor, because when we learn to think and pray from that place then we start to expect the favor of God in our…


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